Best peak lists (e.g. ADK 46)

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Buz Groshong

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Re: Best peak lists (e.g. ADK 46)

by Buz Groshong » Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:30 pm

Matt Lemke wrote:There is the Bulgers - The highest 100 in Washington.
Hands down my favorite list I know of

There is also the Centennials - Highest 100 in Colorado.

I personally don't get why people would go peak-bagging out east but that's probably because I'm only interested in big and rugged mountains. What is the 46ers?

I personally don't get why anyone would go peak-bagging in Washington or Colorado but that's probably because I'm only interested in big and rugged mountains, like the Andes and the Himalayas. :lol:

By the way, there are a number of peaks in the east that are more rugged than Mt. Elbert and some of the other Colorado 14ers.

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Bark Eater

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Re: Best peak lists (e.g. ADK 46)

by Bark Eater » Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:30 pm

MississippiMark wrote:
crshortt wrote:The 46ers are the 46 peaks in the Adirondacks over 4,000'. Actually, they are the 46 peaks that were originally thought to be over 4,000'. Today, only 42 of them are believed to be so. But these are the peaks that Bob Marshall and his brother climbed, being the first people to do so, and this list is the official club list for historical reasons

I'd like to complete that list some day. How hard is it? Is there any rock climbing involved?


Mark, no technical skills required on the standard routes. There are certainly technical climbs available on some of them, usually involving some slides. Moderate route finding ability required on some, willingness to put up with rugged terrain, bugs, deep mud bogs, etc.

Mudrat has an impressive list of trip reports on the most challenging routes here: ... ain/827459
But you can definitely get up all of these without a rope.


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