How do I upload photos to a new route?

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How do I upload photos to a new route?

by stiles » Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:47 am

Silly, I know, but I cannot figure out how to upload photos onto this site. I'll chalk this jackassness up to the midnight oil burning low, but am at a loss. I can also not figure out how to edit a photo once its on site: delete, rotate, etc...
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Re: How do I upload photos to a new route?

by rgg » Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:14 am

If there already is a route page (perhaps under construction): See How Does Contribution Work on SP?

If there is no route page yet, then that won't work of course. My personal solution is usually to attach my photos to the area or mountain page, or I create a new album to which I attach them first.

Finally, you can post a photo without attaching it to anything by clicking Create Page (that's on the top left), select object type image and continue from there. I rarely use that though.

Deleting a page is easy after posting, as is modifying a page. If you're logged in and own the page, be it an image or something else, then click on any of the Editor Options. That's the yellow bar almost at the top of the page. However, while the attributes and accompanying text for an image can be edited, the image itself cannot. If it's not right, just delete the page, work on the image offline and post the new version.

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