2015 Sierra Challenge Aug 7-16

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Re: 2015 Sierra Challenge Aug 7-16

by clmbr » Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:41 pm

SeanReedy wrote:
clmbr wrote:

...But your legs? Man, that must be painful! This challenge is definitely not for me. Congratulations to all who completed it. Very impressive!!! :D

As I think I heard Chris say more than once, "You don't have to be able to walk after day ten!"
My feet were looking good by day thirteen. Just a handful of us did ten big days in a row. It's all about the feet! My leg muscles hurt more than those silly scratches from bushwhacking and scrambling in shorts.

Come on, clmbr, we need some summit calisthenics and unroped crevasse jumping next year! Plus, we do tend to have beer around. :wink: Oh, well, maybe I'll run into that crazy guy up on Shasta next spring.

Thanks for the invitation and confidence in me but I tried to climb Mt Shasta three times last weekend and failed. The first attempt was fun but I forgot my headlamp and had to descend a bit faster than expected and due to inhaling too much dust screw up my lungs. In the morning I used my asthma inhaler to calm my lungs and got a strange feeling. Hoping it would get better with time I started hiking up. Unfortunately, it did not and after ca 1,000ft (vertical) I decided to go back to the TH. On the third day I could feel my leg muscles with every step but made the summit. For the first time I hated to be alone (especially at dark) on deserted mountain. On the way down I screw up my toe nails due to improper shoes (I think I’m going to lose them) and that was it. I cannot imagine how you can constantly do that for 10 days with still quite a high elevation gain (forget miles).

But I admire your determination to this challenge and to completing it. I may try it next year but would hate to fail. :oops: Well, mountaineering is suffering, so why not. The scenery and the company with such great people may overweight the pain or inability to sustain for the whole duration. Not to mention beer. :D

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Bob Burd
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Re: 2015 Sierra Challenge Aug 7-16

by Bob Burd » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:38 am

clmbr wrote:The scenery and the company with such great people may overweight the pain or inability to sustain for the whole duration. Not to mention beer. :D

Bingo. It doesn't matter if you make all ten peaks, it doesn't matter if you show up all ten days. But if you'd like to see a whole crop of folks that passionately love this mountaineering thing, it's definitely worth making an effort to join in, even if just for a day or two. We have plenty of folks that fail to summit, some day after day - but they seem to be enjoying themselves, the company and some incredible scenery - and that's really what it's about.

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