Little to No Damage from Earl in Puerto Rico

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Little to No Damage from Earl in Puerto Rico

by sneakyracer » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:43 pm

Hi, glad to report that there was very little damage from Hurricane Earl. It passed 100 miles away from Puerto Rico so all we got was maybe 35mph sustained winds with up to very brief 45-50mph gusts. Since the direction of the wind was a rather constant and unusual (for this part of the world) NW to SW we got some minor tree damage. Trees are also weakened by the constant drizzle and sporadic heavy rain so when the wind hits they are easier to damage. Overall the only sign that a storm passed are some leaves and small tree branches on the roads.

Even though this storm was large unless the core of the storm hits your area, very little happens. There is HUGE difference from being 100 miles from the center to being 50-60 miles from the center. As the storm wound up tight the British Virgin Islands were close enough to get sustained winds of up to 90mph in some areas resulting in some damage. Ocean levels rose a good bit so I expect to hear some reports of damaged marinas and waterfront properties.

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