Looking for Climbing buddies/partners

Regional discussion and conditions reports for the great state of Utah, from the alpine peaks to the desert slots. Please post partners requests and trip plans here or in the Utah Climbing Partners section.
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Looking for Climbing buddies/partners

by PrinceOfNorway » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:36 pm

Dear SPPers (summit post posters),

I am in the Utah County area and I'm not sure if this is the place for this, but I'm looking for people to climb stuff with. At this point you may be asking, just who is this guy...well, my name is Anders. Pleased to meetcha. Anyway, it seems my old climbing crew is either injured or has wandered into the HOU (hell of unmotivation). Sorry about using the word hell.

I am interested in making winter/spring ascents of peaks around the state or even outside...the sexier the peak the better. I'm also looking for someone to show me the ropes, so to speak. I am also interested in trad climbing too. Now now now...before you go rolling your eyes, I'm not completely worthless...just slightly so. I've gone up Mount Whitney and Timp in winter conditions and have done Gannett peak in July too. I know how to self arrest and use crampons; it's my rope work that could...well...use work. I'm also not completely useless on rock, but I've mostly done sport climbing, and a lot of that has been indoors (which might be useless). Bouldering indoors I've gotten up to V4 and top roping 5.11b is the toughest I've done without takes. Outside, I've done some 5.10 top roping and have led up to 5.9 without takes but could definitely do better. The problem is that my buddies would rather sit around the gym bouldering.

So, if you're thinking about heading up into the hills and could use one more (even if you're not using a rope) feel free to include this guy in your endeavors. I also have an ambitious list of mountains I would like to climb this year. If you need more info I hear I'm also pleasant to be around and my momma thinks I'm special...or just hit me up.



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