Moments of Brutal Self Examination

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by mrchad9 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:57 pm

You guys are freaking me out!

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by Alpinisto » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:13 am

rhyang wrote:This was me three years ago -


This is me today -


I'm almost 44 years old and can legally park in disabled zones. What exactly is your excuse again ??


Fuckin'-A, Rob!! Way to get after it.

[/thread hijack]

(We now return you to your regularly-scheduled SP forum post confusion, already in progres...)

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by welle » Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:49 pm

Chewbacca wrote:
John Duffield wrote:There was the time in the Army I'd handled one too many bodies and started sleeping in a body bag. Thought early death was inevitable

There was the time when surfing I'd handled one too may waves and started sleeping in a board bag. Thought the rest was incredible.

I wonder how a body bag is in comparison?

LOL, just reminded me of dirtbag climbers I saw couple of week ago at the Camp Slime in the Gunks - they were sleeping wrapped in their tent rainfly.

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Dow Williams

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by Dow Williams » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:55 pm

John Duffield wrote:I think I get this.

There was the time in the Army I'd handled one too many bodies and started sleeping in a body bag. Thought early death was inevitable Is this what this thread is about?

John has a way of simplifying these whiny tirades for me as well. Harden' the %$#& up! Damn, I swear there is no steal left out there.

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Re: Moments of Brutal Self Examination

by silversummit » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:00 am

peladoboton wrote:I think anyone who has trained aggressively has at one time or another had to be horribly honest with one's self. It is painful, but great motivation and results come of such honesty.

Here's some of my feelings on this, one of those occasions. I would very much like to hear about some of yours.

The first clue that I had today that happy valley is out to take people down came from a 47-year-old, obviously living with her eyes wide open since her heart attack ten days ago, and hardly able to take in everything that her new perception delivered.

“Obese? I thought I was just a little fat, but them papers say I’m obese”

I refilled her anti-platelet, admired the outside hospital for having her on something to slow the heart, something to drop the cholesterol, and two meds to thin her blood….ah, what the Las Vegas casinos have taught us about acute coronary syndrome (and you better believe that the “do everything possible so we don’t get sued when some guy’s heart stops by the slots” is the source of our present standard of care).

Guess I read far too many 'stream of consciousness' papers written by talented high schoolers cause I understood this right off and liked it!

Recently finding out that another of my siblings has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which killed my father's only sister keeps me exercising and watching my weight. I'm already at high risk since I had gestational diabetes and a big baby.

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by Big Benn » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:47 pm




NO Bryan, NO, don't go there. I know these Yanks have buggered the English language up, but you can't bloody speak it or write it properly yourself, so don't try and give them an English lesson.

OK. Self examination. I do it quite a lot. Especially with my weight. Too much of it. Way too much of it.

I know my performance in the mountains would improve if I lost 50 Lbs.

Gotta lose weight Bryan.

But I go for my annual medical a week or so ago and all is OK, apart from the significant overweight:-

BP fine, pulse rate down a bit on last year, mid 60s now, (all the training I do), liver and kidney function fine. Glucose level fine, thyroid test fine. Top marks for having stopped drinking alcohol totally from last November, (so why the haven't I lost weight?). No probs in fact.

And then despite losing two days in July because of my mystery bug, and having a week when it slowed me a bit, I went and did nearly 34,500 feet of ascent in July and 175 miles of walking. Best monthly stats since 2006. All in my daily training walks locally. Motivation to go out and do it every day was the biggest problem. Just had to kick ass some days and tell me to get the hell out there and get going.

So I just plod on. And my weight stays the effing same despite my harsh self examination about having too much of it.

Bloody complacency I suppose.

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by RayMondo » Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:36 am

Well, Bryan, all the normal tests just don't take account of one the most important systems in the body, the intenstinal flora, the parasitic population of yeast and the permeability of the gut caused by any excess. I believe there is no mystery bug, as such.

What you might see as complacency, despite your grand efforts, may be a depressive effect on the brain due to yeasts.

Just a full detox could well solve the whole issue. And I reckon you'll feel powered up like never before and stop the excess sweating. I believe you are stressing yourself too hard and going against the flow, when all that may be needed is some nuture.

Though you might want to ask for "live blood analysis". This will show up any "Oxidative Stress", manifested by distorted Hemaglobin. I've maybe got a vid on that.

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Augie Medina

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by Augie Medina » Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:53 am

Bryan, I'd say count your blessings. Your medical vitals are good and you sound damn fit despite your extra pounds. Leaving alcohol behind is also an achievement. I'll bet your liver loves you more now.


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