Mountains rarely climbed/seen/photophraphed

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Mountains rarely climbed/seen/photophraphed

by Mountain Bandit » Mon May 21, 2012 4:08 am

After touching on the topic in the '10 least visited countries' thread, I thought I'd prompt people to post details and pictures of mountains that you have come across in your worldly travels that have rarely been seen. Did you climb it? Photographs?

I think mountains like these should be more of a focus for our type in this day and age (with the current 'global village'), technology and commercialism. It certainly seems like from my end of the world mountains in the US have all been over-climbed, even with bigger mountains in the Himalayas and Andes becoming more of a novelty and bucket list tick rather than a real challenge and adventure. Fair enough finding new routes up old mountains but lets put the 'adventure' back into Mountaineering.........

From the '10 least visited countries' topic, this is my example. Alas, my schedule didn't allow me time to climb and no photographs due to flat camera battery :(

Mountain Bandit wrote:Yeah I love the concept of random mountains in obscure places (like the picture above of Pico Cao Grande). When boating around Papua New Guinea I saw a relatively massive volcano island. Upon my return home and after some research I found out that it was Mt Vineuo (2536m), on Goodenough Island. I can guarantee hardly any of you (IE a good sample of mountaineers from all around the world known for climbing such challenges, not even considering the rest of the western world) have ever heard of the mountain let alone climbed it, despite the island having a large influence on the halt of the Japanese southern invasion during WW2. The sheer size of the volcano jutting out of the ocean was an awesome sight.........

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