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Pages, fresh hot pages!

Hi all,
I'm leaving town and want to distribute my mountains and routes. I already transferred a bundle of stuff, but I couldn't think of the right owner for these so I offer it up for group decision. PM me if you want a page, thanks!

Wetterstein - who likes the technical climbing in the Wetterstein?
Schüsselkarspitze (Wettersteingebirge) (and route) Southeast Face, "Peters/Haringer"
Bernadeinwand (Wettersteingebirge) (and route) Direkte Nordwand

Oddball route
West Ridge (Marienbergspitze) (Lukas ...
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Blocking an annoying ad

I know that SummitPost earns revenue by placing ads on the pages I read, and I accept that. I understand that this is part of enjoying a "free" service.

Us users must mind our manners when posting in the forums, and we must keep our audience in mind when writing articles and other submissions.
In the same way, advertisers must remain sensitive to the users' enjoyment of the SP pages, when designing their ads to ...
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"Follow" option?

There are many "quiet" contributors on the site who continue to create great pages. I'd love to have some kind of a "follow" option so that I know when they have posted new material.

Unfortunately, a new TR disappears from "What's New" in less than a day, and a mountain can disappear in a couple days during busy season.

It would also be nice if the "What's New" page listed the page author in addition ...
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GMT should be below Recent Forum Posts there: (1)

And below Image Data. (2)They are in different time zones... :ugeek:
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URL structure changed - watch for broken links please

Nearly all of the URLs on the entire site were changed today. Please watch for broken links or links that don't behave as they should and report them either here or in the "Report Bugs Here" thread:

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Move please:Can't post in the Africa OR Site feedback forums

Can't post in the Africa OR Site feedback forums. If I hit "Delete all board cookies", clear my cache and reload again, I can't post in any forum. Had this happen on three pc's (2 windows, 1 Ubuntu) and my Mac now.
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This isn't a bug or glitch issue, but just a question about information posted and privacy/confidentiality issues. Is it okay for someone to copy and post information from an internet site that isn't open to the public? Let's say I have a Facebook account and I post something on my site that my so called "Friends" can see, but the general public shouldn't be able to. Is it okay for these "Friends" to take the ...
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Lone good pages that need to be attached

Quite often, on SP, I see good pages (albums, peaks, routes), in most of such case when created by a recent member, which are not attached to anything, for various reasons. Some do not fully understand how to attach pages, some are not aware of this feature, some people focusing too much about the content forget about this aspect. In some cases the owner(s) of the parent or related objects can remedy to it, but ...
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Post GPX bugs or feature requsts here

This thread is open to report any issues or request with the new GPX feature as described in this thread:
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On the U.S. Highpoints page of which I am an editor, there is small glitch.
While we put a Katahdin photo in the Northeast section, it falls back into the West section above it.
If I delete the photo, the second photo in the Northeast section falls back into the West section.

How do we fix this glitch?
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