Gannett climb-along, July 2023

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Gannett climb-along, July 2023

by severe_case_of_foot » Fri Mar 31, 2023 3:58 pm

(This is more or less a copy of a post I made earlier on 14ers)

I'm looking to thruhike the Wind River range this summer. It would be awesome if I could summit Gannett while I'm going right under it. Issue is, I'll likely be soloing the WRHR and am not keen on trying to summit alone.

I feel limited by (lack of) technical experience. Includes: use of ice axe / crampons in Adirondacks in Winter; glacier travel in Alaska (no traction used); off-trail travel with talus / scree / steep couloirs / etc. in Alaska, Tetons; steep snow field travel in Alaska, Olympics, Tetons. I'd do a guided trip but my priority for being in the Winds is the through hike not to summit.

My options seem to be: 1) Don't attempt Gannett; 2) Attempt expecting to turn back when I feel uncomfortable; 3) Hope for a friendly group of climbers to latch onto; and 4) Try to arrange to meet up with climbers. In any case (except maybe 1, depending on when I decide to go) I'd have my axe and crampons.

As far as routes go the gooseneck glacier in the first half of July (snowed over bergschrund) and southeast couloir seem potentially notsobad.

I'm posting here for some feedback on these potential plans. Is it taboo to piggyback with a group a climbers? If not, is there a most popular time, or is anyone here planning a Gannett hike this summer? Or tell me now if this is ill-advised, and I should do something guided before trying something like this.

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