Ideal Months for Various Grand Teton Routes & Others

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Re: Ideal Months for Various Grand Teton Routes & Others

by PellucidWombat » Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:50 pm

b. wrote:The image isn't working for me. The standard way back to a camp on the Teton Glacier Moraine is the Black Dike Traverse. You go from the Lower Saddle towards Lower Exum and continue along the dike to the Teepee col. From there you descend the Teepee Glacier under the East Face, then the Dike couloir (I think that's what it's called) back to the base of the East Ridge.

OK, my path on the image showed something similar. I was less certain about being able to descend from Teepee col, so I assumed conservatively that you can just re-ascend below the east face to descend what you are calling Dike Couloir. I'll update the path to stem from the traverse to access Exum/Petzold ridges, which looks a lot nicer w/o the elevation loss & gain!

I was making these assumptions based off of Google Earth since I didn't have any good photos of those couloirs. Sometimes this works, but sometimes Google Earth smooths out terrain too much to be misleading.

Oh, and BTW, is the image working now? I'm experimenting with putting such images in Google Docs rather than Picasa, but I want to make sure it works. It has shown up for me but that might be due to a privacy setting, which I adjusted & updated the link for.

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Re: Ideal Months for Various Grand Teton Routes & Others

by b. » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:07 pm

I had to sign in to Google docs, but it works. The way you have on there is the way, approximately, that I would backpack from the LS to the East Ridge. Without the pack, and on descent, the way through the Teepee col is much better. The Teepee glacier isn't too bad. We took boots and aluminum crampons and were happy about it on the East Ridge, but especially on the descent, in the dark, down that glacier and steeper couloir.


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