New Feature: Auto Cross post Photos to Parent page

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New Feature: Auto Cross post Photos to Parent page

by atavist » Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:50 am

Why not automatically cross-post photos attached to daughter pages to all parent albums? This feature would be a great way to leverage SP's taxidermic nature. And this would make photo sharing much more useful on the site:

1) Advantage for User: Users could go to a range/peak page and view the album. then they can easily find and admire the most beautiful peaks in a range, the most striking routes on a peak, etc. all in one album. This could be a great help for trip planning, especially for people going to new unfamiliar areas. Currently, to get the same output from SP, either every submitter would need to manually re-submit all images to each parent, or the searcher would have to individually view the album of daughter page (and this wouldn't even preserve the ranking feature).

2) Advantage for Contributor: This will eliminate the contributor's dilemma of deciding where to attach a photo, whether to the daughter or parent (ie. I have a killer photo of an obscure route but it will get more page views if I post to the 'mountain' page). This unequivocally encourages contributors to attach to the lowest relevant taxidermic level, (at least for people who care about points), thereby encouraging more detailed site contributions (ie. more route pages). It may also encourage more content at the higher taxidermic levels as well since there are more related photos automatically attached.


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