Mountaineering boots, skis, packs, and other good stuff!

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Mountaineering boots, skis, packs, and other good stuff!

by dskoon » Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:31 am

Alright, my time, overdue, for a closet cleanout. Sorry there's no pics for now. Can certainly email some, but, I unfortunately haven't figured out how to post pics, esp. since I don't have an online account with someone. If it's easier than that, let me know. . . I will provide links that have pics of some of my stuff, and will certainly be honest in describing it here. Giving the SP community as well as some stuff on CC first dibs before it goes on Ebay.
Need some money for Christmas; you need to buy some Christmas presents. :D
So, here goes. .

Item 1) Asolo Makalu GV Moutaineering boots, mens' sz. 11. SOLD
Great shape, worn maybe a handful of times. Thought they might work for me, but too small.
Again, very good shape. Clean, clean sole, etc. Almost new. Asking $200. 00
They look like the ones in this link: ... 214175/N/0

Item 2) Montrail Torre GTX Classic hiking boot, leather w/goretex. Sz. 10.
A few yrs. old, but in new condition. Worn less than a handful of times.
Bought for my son, but he didn't really wear them during his fast growing window when they fit, and they became forgotten in the closet.
Good shape, as mentioned. Clean, clean sole, nice looking, with nary a mark. $75.00
They look like these: ... ic-reviews

Item 3) K2 Apache skis. 174cm. Marker bindings. Circa 2006 or so. SOLD
Very nice ski. Intermediate to advanced ski. Fast. Great for the groomers, but a good, all-mountain ski.
Haven't really skied them in a couple of yrs. Clean bases, good edges, usual small scratches on top. $200.00
They are these:

Item 4) Dana Design Arcflex Terraplane. Mens' sz. Md.
Made in Montana. Aqua blue. Older but still the real thing.
Carried a few times in the backcountry of Alaska. Great pack, but was a bit small for my frame.
Again, sorry I don't have a pic. A bit dirty,(I can clean it up), and a little of the stuffing is coming out of the back area. I've heard Marmot
will warranty these for the lifetime, so one can probably send it in and get some new stuffing put in that's most likely better than the original.
No rips, etc. Just a little dirty and needs some new stuffing, though there is still some in there.
$150.00 Having a hard time letting it go, but. .
Looks like this one, just a little dirtier: ... M?id=24478

Item 5) Northface Pacific Crest backpack. One size. 60 lt. 4lbs. and change.
Red. Very nice pack. Bought it for $250 back in the day. Looks new.
Daisy chains, 2 outer zippered pockets,(wish newer packs had these!) sleeping bag compartment, big zippers. Adjustable back harness.
Beefy and pretty durable pack. Just about new condition, though its been used a few times. Held up very well, with nary a mark on it.
Great pack for a beginner, intermediate(or more?) backpacker.
Again, need I say it again? Wish I had pics, though I do, and can certainly email them to you, as I can with all the gear mentioned.
Just don't know how to post 'em on here. Yeah, . . :oops: Asking $100.00

What else?

Item 6) A Ground Infemo Down jacket. Mens' sz. lg. Fits a little big.
A few yrs. old, but New, with tags. Never worn. Green color with a little dark grey on the shoulders.
Wish I could post a pic. Nice coat, just never used. Again, will email pics if interested. $100.00

Item 7) Patagonia R3 Jacket. Mens' sz. xl. Blue.
A few yrs. old. Good shape, save for one small hole just above the Patagonia logo. Who knows how that got there?
Nice, a few yrs. old, but good shape save for the very small hole. Just too big for me. Great insulating layer.

Item 8) Older fuzzy Patagonia. Mens' XL. Aqua blue, kind of light torquoise.
I believe this was called the Retro back in the day. A bit too big for me.
Decent shape. $30.00.

Might soon be adding a nice REI kid's backpack to the list. Good conditon. Adjustable back harness.

Buyer pays shipping on all items.

That's it! Get some Christmas gifts for those loved ones! And, you know, for yourself too! EVeryone deserves music!!
Thanks for looking!

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Re: Mountaineering boots, skis, packs, and other good stuff

by dskoon » Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:03 am

Sold a couple items. Updated.

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