Shingle Peak-inaccurate page

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Shingle Peak-inaccurate page

by Scott » Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:16 am

The page below is completely inaccurate.

I've made comments about it in the past, but it hasn't been edited since the day it was added, so after six years, it's evident that the owner has no intention to fix it. I have refrained pointing it out since it is from a (semi) active member. Six years is long enough though.



Shingle Peak is situated in the beautiful Flat Tops.

True, but this is the only accurate sentence about Shingle Peak on the entire page.

In a wet spring there are amazing fields of wild flowers and Turrett Creek houses plenty of trout so remember your pole.

OK info, and not bad to mention, but info on Shingle Peak would be better.

Turrett Creek Meadows on the way to Single peak is an excellant place to camp and even bring the kids. the hike goes by some beautiful waterfalls. You ascend short, steep sections only to reach meadow after meadow, the whole way excellant views of Sweetwater Lake offer numerous photo ops

This is true of the trail to Turrett Creek Meadows, quite a distance from the summit of the peak and apparently the only "item" the page is describing.

The summit is more a big plateau as many of the flat tops are.

False. Shingle Peak is actually one of the more rugged Flat Top Peaks (at least from certain aspects-the SE side is somewhat gentle), though it's still non-technical. In cotrast to many of the Flat Tops, Shingle Peak is definately not a plateau, nor is it flat topped.

This area is a popular destination for the nearby Andeson Adventure Camps, so don't be suprised if you see a bunch of kids running around.

The area around the meadows and waterfalls is; the peak is not.

A well developed trail will take you to Turret Meadows and eventually Shingle Peak.

False. No developed trail goes to the summit of Shingle Peak, though one (actually the Turrett Creek Trail) gets pretty close to the base.

Be sure to follow the foot trail and not the horse trail.

To where? No foot or horse trail goes near the summit of Shingle Peak. Yes, there is a foot and horse trail from Sweetwater Resort, but it doesn't get anywhere near the summit of Shingle Peak.

Also, many of the photos that say Shingle Peak aren't really of Shingle Peak. They are of Turrett Peak, the ridge to the south and the west side of W Mountain.

My bet is the owner of the page stayed in the Sweetwater Resort with his family and hiked to the Turrett Creek Meadows, which a fine hike.

Still, despite it's name, this page actually has nothing to do with Shingle Peak and is completely inaccurate. I hate to be mean, but it should be deleted. I don't know if there's a nicer way to do it(?).

Sixteen 10/10 votes doesn't mean it's a good page. Unfortunately, my vote isn't even counted since it's an "outlier". A quick glance at the page for those not familar with the area might bring one to think that the information is good. In fact, the page is completely bogus.
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Re: Shingle Peak-inaccurate page

by lcarreau » Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:46 am

Just the reasons why I didn't put my "John Henry" on it.

Yes, you could say that the "Shingle Peak" page (in question) definitely has the ....... wait for it ..........................SHINGLES !

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