Whole bunch of mtns, routes, ranges, mostly in New Hampshire

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Whole bunch of mtns, routes, ranges, mostly in New Hampshire

by nartreb » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:45 pm

I've barely got time to get outside these days, never mind update my pages. There are some that have hardly been touched since SPv1. The change to SPv3 altered the formatting on many of them, so they need fixing now.

My Areas & Ranges (5)

Willey Range (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Baldface-Royce Range (White Mountains (NH/ME))
White Mountains (NH/ME)
Twin & Franconia Ranges (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Presidential Range (White Mountains (NH/ME))

My Mountains & Rocks (20)

East Osceola (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Quincy Quarries (Blue Hills)
Spaulding Mountain (The Maine Appalachian Trail and Mountains)
North Baldface & South Baldface (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Mount Isolation (Presidential Range)
Mount Cabot (White Mountains (NH/ME))
"Owl's Head Mountain" (Peak above Owl's Head) (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
Mount Lethe & North Carter Mtn (Carter Range)
Mount Moriah (NH) (Carter Range)
Galehead Mountain (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
South Twin Mountain (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
North Twin Mountain (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
The Brothers (ME) (Katahdin Group)
Mount Guyot (NH) (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
Zealand Mountain (& Zeacliff) (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
Mount Hale (Twin & Franconia Ranges)
Mount Carrigain (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Mount Eisenhower (Presidential Range)
Mount Tom (NH) (White Mountains (NH/ME))
Mount Pierce (Presidential Range)

My Routes (14)

Standard Route - Frankenstein Cliff (II, WI 3)
The Cascade at Middlesex Fells (I, WI 2) (Massachusetts Crags)
Hamlin Ridge Trail (Katahdin)
Owl's Head Path (West Slide)
Watson Path (Mount Madison)
Avalon & A-Z Trails (Mount Tom (NH))
North Twin Trail (North Twin Mountain)
Crawford Path (Mount Pierce)
Marston Trail - Mt Coe Trail Loop
Marlboro Trail (Mount Monadnock)
Abol Trail
A.T. from North Adams (Mount Greylock)
Cheshire Harbor Trail (Mount Greylock)
Mount Osceola via Greeley Ponds (Mount Osceola )

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Re: Whole bunch of mtns, routes, ranges, mostly in New Hamps

by Scott » Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:46 am

Nartreb, thank you for the work you have put into these pages and thanks for allowing them to be adopted out for another chance for members to maintain.


To all others:

Let me know if you want to adopt and can improve these pages and I will transfer them to you.

Please only request transfer if you can improve the page in a timely manner and if you have already climbed or attempted the mountain or route. If you can’t improve the page in a timely manner, the page will be put back up for adoption.

Also, if you need help with pages, I am willing to help when I can. Thanks.

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Re: Whole bunch of mtns, routes, ranges, mostly in New Hamps

by EastKing » Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:53 am

If no one else speaks up about the White Mountain Area/Range page I might be interested. I like to have a local take it first if interested but if not I used to live there and will probably be going back to visit there in the near future.

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