running: how much to begin with?

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by BrunoM » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:55 pm

Pardon me for asking again, but how did you beat the patellar femoral problem?

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by WouterB » Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:28 pm

KristoriaBlack wrote:
WouterB wrote:Although they are in Dutch, these schedules are incredibly good and easy. You should be able to understand most of it without too much trouble. If you need one translated, I'd happily do it, but I'm not translating all of them for the fun of it.

0 tot 5 km in 7 weeks
0 tot 5 km in 10 weeks
0 tot 5 km in 12 weeks
0 tot 5 km in 14 weeks
Schedule to maintain 5 km
Schedule for 5 to 10 km
Schedule for 10 to 15 km
Interval training

Thank's Wouter. Please don't worry about translating, they're mostly self-explanatory and for the rest there's BabelFish. But thank you so much for the offer. (I'm also not planning to stick to any one protocol too rigidly.) One question though, if my understand is correct then the 7 week program is run-walk-run-walk, but the distance is not constant? So on any given week one might very well run more than 5 kms? Or is the distance constant: 5 K?

Today I did 5k: 4 minutes run: 1 minute walk. No soreness.

Does the interjected walking actually help the joints ease into running or is it just to help with maintaining endurance?

The schedules are designed by a Belgian university to maximize the chances of any individual to run 5K WITHOUT getting INJURED. There is NO DISTANCE OR SPEED set for these schedules!

Run at a pace you are comfortable with, follow this schedule and you'll be able to run 5K at the end of it. Every schedule is indeed run-walk-run-walk. It starts up very slowly (frustratingly slowly), but it seems to work. I always got injured when I "just ran". Followed this and (extremely) slowly build up to 5k's without a problem. Not sure if I want to push my luck and go for the 10K though.

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by WouterB » Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:15 pm

KristoriaBlack wrote:Thank you so much Wouter. I do prefer those regimens to the couch to 5 K program because they are more aggressive. I think I'm going to stick to the 7 week program and think of my run as down-time not as work-out time. Wishing you the best of luck with your training.

I'm also still walking at least 8K a day, rowing, rock climbing, ... but really wanted to try something more in line with climbing. Since there's no hills available, the only interesting thing seemed to be running. But I'm not seeing this running as a major workout. I have those other, less "injury prone" exercises for that... .


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