Snow Pickets for Cordillera Blanca

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Snow Pickets for Cordillera Blanca

by saintlade » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:43 am

Hey guys, was wondering if I could get some advice on snow pickets. Heading out to the Blanca for a bit, spent a bit of time there the season before last but never took any snow pickets, only thing we got done other than some warm ups was the French Direct which was mostly Ice Screws. In the Brad johnson guide it reccomends taking a few pickets for most routes, I know you can get some home made pickets out in Huaraz but figure I'll buy myself some of the MSR ones but I'm not sure what lengths are best employed for the mountains of the Blanca? They come in 2ft or 3ft length, would I want a couple of 3fts and a few 2fts? Or should I just get all 2 ft length? Or are 2ft pickets of little value and should I just get a quiver of monster 3ft pickets? Would appreciate some advice from some old sages.

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