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Re: Snowshoes

by Hotoven » Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:52 pm

Grampahawk wrote:
welle wrote:
drpw wrote:MSR Denali Ascents. Not the EVO Ascents, just the regular ones. The EVO's are flimsier and have a wierd folding problem and they are also narrower and can't take 8" tails. The climbing bar is a lifesaver though.

Not sure, but I think the regular ones are flimsier. Denali EVOs are bombproof and also take tails... Plus they have tapered design. I think you are confusing with MSR EVOs that looks like have replaced classic Denalis.

Now I'm not sure which model I Have. I know that they will take the tail extension, and have the heel elevator bar.

MSR Denali Evos and the MSR Denali Evo Ascents are the same shoes except the colors are different and the Ascents have the Ascent bars you can flip up. The tails are pretty much useless except in ultra puffy snow. The way they are designed is they extend the back of the shoe. This means your weight distribution is not even, putting more weight in the front half than where it should be in the middle. If you have a heavy pack you will end up walking with your front half slightly dipping into the snow on a angle. Its a nice option, and I own the 4 in. tails, but I have yet to use them and think they are more of a pain than a benefit even in ultra fluffy snow.

IMHO and from what others have said and used, the MSR Denali Evo Ascents are the most durable, they may weigh a little more than most shoes, but they are bombproof.
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Re: Snowshoes

by rasgoat » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:55 am

The tails work great in deep snow & the heel lifters are awesome. MSR are the best.

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Re: Snowshoes

by lcarreau » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:26 am

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Re: Snowshoes

by ericwillhite » Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:02 am

I have a pair of 1230 snowshoes. Personally I would rate them much higher than the Denali Ascents. Most people if given an opportunity to demo both pick the Atlas. Atlas snowshoes perform much better during traversing. Because of the webbing strap bindings, your foot can flex inward some even on traverses. This allows a much more comfortable, natural, level feel during traversing. The MSR bindings rotate on a fixed pin so there is no side to side forgiveness. Nor any impact absorbsion due to the ridged pin binding. After a few hours of traversing, you'll forget all about the extra cost. As for the weight, the 1230 Atlas are only 2 ounces heaver than the MSRs (including the 4 inch tails) making both around 30' inches long. The difference is you'll have an extra 1.25 inch width with the Atlas...which makes a big difference in most circumstances. You can't beat the price point of the MSR's, this is true. I sold hundreds of pairs on that feature alone, especially since they will do whatever you need them to do. But, I always crack up at Denali owners who think their shoes are the best. Their shoes might "rock" or "do awesome", but probably not the "best". Also, my personal issue with them: you can always hear someone wearing them about a mile up the trail as the plastic whacks against the snow. As for bombproof, I've seen 2 pairs bust in front of me. Good luck on a field repair with plastic.

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Re: Snowshoes

by ericwillhite » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:25 pm

No difference on the descent. Crampons on most of the more expensive "climbing snowshoes" are about as good as you can do. In reality, the snow conditions are going to dictate how well you purchase into the snow and if you slide at all. I've always found steep descents are more of a persons skill level on similar snowshoes than the snowshoe itself. But, to answer the question, they have been wonderful on descents.

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Re: Snowshoes

by Mountainjeff » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:44 pm

lcarreau wrote:How to make PVC pipe snowshoes :

I still have a pair of pvc snowshoes my dad made me when I was 4 years old. A great inexpensive alternative for use on moderate terrain.


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