The Other Two Wilmans Spires & Comet Mine Ledge

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The Other Two Wilmans Spires & Comet Mine Ledge

by Stormin » Thu Sep 14, 2023 10:52 am

East Wilmans Spire has a lot of info on the Std. Route but can't find info on the other two Wilmans spires. There is one photo of Bill Rowe climbing gulley just below comet mine ledge. I have probably failed 5-7 times trying to stand on the "Prow of a Ship" ledge that the Comet Mine Bunker & Outhouse & some Mine Cart Rails used to be. I have looked at climbing left like the Bill Rowe photo but never found any cable or anything else to use as a "hand rail" and it looked like full on rock climbing. Going right it's easy to find the "Hopefull Mine" entrance and climb up maybe 50' higher until you hit the Dreaded Huge Loose chock stone. I have been there solo and chickened out on trying to mantle up onto the chock stone at least 3-4 times. You can see old wires etc hanging on the cliff above your left so I am fairly certain the Chock Stone is very close to being on the Comet Mine Ledge. So IF you can mantle up AND the Stone stays put you mite get to the ledge. OR you dislodge a huge boulder and end up like so many rusted artifacts getting covered by rock rubble down in the "Gultch"!

Anyone ever climbed the spires from the 76 Gultch Side? Does the Spire above Comet (West or North Spire?) have any route on it? Or rappel pitons/slings on top? IDK why but it just seems like standing on the Comet ledge would be pretty cool even though probably most of any artifacts from mine have been swept down the cliffs. Perhaps it would make more sense to climb the Std. East side gulley and down climb or rappel to the Comet Ledge? Descriptions of the East Gulley w/o Snow don't sound like its much safer/ easier than the West approach though!

Only way I will ever get there is to fool someone to do it as a roped rock climb. I think there was one comment about climbing all 3 spires in one day but not a lot of details. Anyone have any info on getting to Comet or the other Wil. Spires?

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