your favourite climb

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your favourite climb

by kristahamelin » Sun Oct 09, 2022 6:44 pm

Hi everyone!

Looking for ideas and I would love to know what your favourite climb has been so far and why

what it the view, the challenge, the company, the location, the weather? what made it the most special

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Re: your favourite climb

by phydeux » Sun Oct 09, 2022 11:55 pm

Any area, mountain range, country in particular you're curious about? It's a big world out there.

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Re: your favourite climb

by Scott » Mon Oct 10, 2022 5:08 pm

Some of the favorite climbs/summits I have done:

Ancient Art in Utah
South Six Shooter in Utah
Nevado Tolima in Colombia
Antisana in Ecuador
Puccacaca in Peru
North Face Romsdalshorn in Norway
Steger Route on the First Sella Tower in the Dolomites/Italy
Chhukhung in Nepal (for the views; the peak itself is just a scramble)
Mt. Meru in Tanzania (because of the wildlife)
Gunung Leasur on Sumatra in Indonesia (because of the scenery and wildlife)

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Re: your favourite climb

by davidhenley » Tue Jun 04, 2024 9:50 am

I've only climbed a handful of mountains, and none of them really involved climbing - Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Skiddaw, Snowdon, about a dozen other mountains in Snowdonia, Kinabalu, and Aconcagua.

My fondest memory is of Kinabalu. We climbed it on honeymoon, and I have a photo I love of my wife standing on the balcony of the hostel at 3,000m, a beer in her hand, a layer of cloud behind her and the setting sun glinting off her wedding ring.

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Re: your favourite climb

by Tood1997 » Wed Jun 05, 2024 7:37 am

My personal favorite climb so far has been the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Reaching the summit and looking out over the landscape of snow-capped peaksslope, glaciers, and the vast African plains below was simply awe-inspiring. The scale and beauty of it was unlike anything I had experienced before.

The high altitude and demanding ascent profile made this a true test of endurance. Pushing through the fatigue and altitude sickness to reach the top was incredibly rewarding.

I went with a small group of close friends, and the shared experience of overcoming the challenges together really strengthened our bonds. Celebrating at the summit was extra special with that group.

Going from lush rainforest to barren alpine landscapes and finally the snow-covered summit was visually stunning. Navigating the rapidly changing conditions added an extra layer of excitement.

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Re: your favourite climb

by Stu Brandel » Sun Jun 16, 2024 4:35 pm

My personal list will be limited by the fact that I am neither an alpine climber or a technical rock climber or canyoneer, but a hiker mostly who is stretched at any scrambling beyond class 3. But I enjoy a good stretching of my abilities – and not just distance or climbing skill – but also in planning and getting to the start of the ascent and route finding along the way. That the ascent be wild and uncrowded is assumed.

For Mountains – Physical Challenge (For me)
Banner Peak (First real mountain)
Mount Tukuhnikivatz
Fern’s Nipple
Manly Beacon
Higher Catedral Rock

Mountains - Research Challenge
Cloud Splitter
Sleeping Giant (Ontario)

Mountains – Winter Snowshoe Challenge
Hogback Mountain
Mount Trudee

Canyon Hikes
Zion Narrows
Kadunce Canyon
Indian Canyon

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