What happened to Marc Adamus?

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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by SoCalHiker » Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:46 pm

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using photoshop.

There is a big difference between an artist who chooses photography as his medium and others who take a camera along the hike to capture a nice scene. Marc Adamus enhances his photographs with photoshop to create the feelings he wants to achieve, to accentuate its dramatic or tranquil character.

Why do many people think landscape or outdoor photos always have to be "unaltered"? Of course if you want to show the current conditions of a particualr route or mountain, you should show them as they are. But that is not his intent at all.

Van Gogh did not paint landscapes as they were, he saw and painted them though his eyes and created ever-lasting masterpieces. The important part is that Marc Adamus does not hide his use of photoshop but is open about it. I personally find his photos inspiring and amazing.

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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by simonov » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:42 pm

mrchad9 wrote:Nothing is wrong with photoshop itself, if used appropriately. But this Marc fellow overdoes it. His images are completely fake looking and some of them are even painful to look at.

Your opinion, apparently. As for fake looking, well, most art is fake looking. All art is abstraction, after all. If there was no abstraction it would be good composition more than anything else.

It seems that not only do a lot of people like his work, they actually pay him to teach them how to do what he does. Some of his images are indeed striking. Not, as other have suggested, exactly what I would want to have hanging on my wall, but certainly more aesthetically pleasing than most of the documentary photography in my Flickr photostream. But his professional haters make themselves look pretty silly with their impotent vitriol.

Ansel Adams is these days widely regarded as some kind of super-genius landscape photographer. I guess everyone has forgotten how much work he used to do in the darkroom, the kind of stuff we can now do in Photoshop with a couple of keystrokes, if we aren't afraid of being attacked by butthurt unemployed internet photographers.*

* Full disclosure: I was a darkroom technician for several years after leaving high school. You know, with film. And foul-smelling chemicals.
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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by Outside » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:29 am

Find and read the Playboy interview of Ansel Adams from 1983. He tells that his photos were doctored in the darkroom with various techniques and seldom look as the original scene looked but made to look the way he felt when he created them. The darkroom and the manipulations he performed there were the essence of his work. He donated his negatives in the hopes that future artist would get something even better from his original. He foresaw photoshop as technology was advancing and seemed to long for it while knowing the technology had already passed him by. This from one of the greatest nature photographers the world has ever known. Photography as an art form must include freedom for the maker to create the image he envisions. No less than a painter or sculptor. Limiting a photographer to only the use of his camera is like limiting a painter to one brush.

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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by mrchad9 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:15 am

The bottom line of what I am saying is that his photos look terrible... to me and to many others, but perhaps not to everyone.

I believe the primary reason they look so terrible is his poor use of PhotoShop, and overuse of it. I have not seen the originals, however. If he used PhotoShop to make the images look better, as Ansel Adams did, then that is one thing, but we have a different situation here. I am not intending to imply a painter can have only one brush.

I just did some work with one of my photos. IMHO it does not look better than the original, though perhaps there is someone out there who thinks otherwise. My overuse and unpleasant use of PhotoShop here doesn't make me an artist. Or at least it does not make me a good one.


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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by Josh Lewis » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:41 am

Dude! Photo of the Week Material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

:lol: Ok I had to say that. Within the first few seconds of viewing the photo I already noticed "flaws". First off you didn't photoshop the bottom of the photo with highlights, too much saturation, and a lack of sharpness. Marc Adamus would be ashamed. :twisted:

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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by lcarreau » Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:28 am

Sorry, I believe in free speech and all, but YOU FOLKS ARE TAKING THIS WAY TOO SERIOUSLY ...

For example, take a look at my most recent image. Geez Louise, is there a DOCTOR in the House ??? For crying out loud ..


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Re: What happened to Marc Adamus?

by butitsadryheat » Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:04 am

mrchad9 wrote:Image

Hey, that looks similar to mine! I did mine without photoshop though! Of course I was lucky, but....

I think he (Adamus) used PS too much, and it shows. His composition and lighting captures are nice though, not to mention some of the locations. I see no problem with making a photo better with tools, but to make them unrealistic is a waste of time. I will occasionally bump up saturation, or use polarizers, but as for 'chopping and shopping' I avoid it. I think he used PS even more lately, as I remember his earlier stuff being not so dramatic.

As for the comments about Adams and other artists, I agree. We create what we remember. He just must have done some good shit to see what he shows in his pics! I won't fault him for it though.
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