Poseidon Adventure, 5.10

5th Pitch- 30’- 5.9RX/ This pitch has quite a bit of notoriety on the internet. There is no summit anchor on Lighthouse Tower; therefore, each climber will have to down climb this precarious summit block to return to the top of pitch 4. The summit block is somewhat like Ancient Art’s summit minus the rappel. From the upper belay, angle up and left on the run out face of the summit block. There is a rotten horizontal crack you can get gear in, but trust is at a minimum (a tri-cam would be your best bet). The last move from your feet in that horizontal is a bold, but positive, mantle and/or heel hook. If you fall on this last pitch, you will deck and break something as well as potentially cause a high factor fall on the belay.
Poseidon Adventure, 5.10, III, Lighthouse Tower, River Road Towers and Crags, Moab, UT, October, 2010


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