Pretty Prominence!!!

Mt Pilchuck towers over The Tulalip Tribe's New Administration Building. The evening sun washed the west face of the building with golden light. It was a remarkable moment, especially after spending a couple years building it... I was really able to stand back and see its stunningly unique beauty... When you're on a project for that long sometimes the beauty becomes overlooked... its when you stand back that you can capture the full picture. Even if its a year after you completed it... or maybe even decades. Photo was taken 3.11.11

The Tulalip Tribe's New Administration Building is a project that took us over 2 years to build. It is 75,000 sq ft with a parking area for 375 vehicles. It was finished in October of 2009. By overlooking the Tulalip Bay it was designed to symbolize the Tribe’s commitment to a clean Bay and a healthy community- with low impact development strategies and places for people to gather. Tribal artists (including my family) worked with the project team to incorporate artwork on the site and within the public spaces of the building. Just one of the many impressive features this building has is the HVAC system. We drilled 100 wells 330ft deep to build a geothermal ground loop system. This geothermal heat exchanger efficiently transfers energy to and from the building to the earth year round.

The project recieved the 2010 AIA Washington Council Civic Design Honor Award.


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