Prusik Peak Climber's Log

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vermeer - May 30, 2008 12:06 am Date Climbed: Oct 7, 2006

West Ridge  Sucess!

My first alpine climb. The camping was incredible and the climb was great.

Dan Winter

Dan Winter - May 1, 2008 1:39 am Date Climbed: Aug 10, 2005

West Ridge  Sucess!

Climbed this with my homie J-Dog. One of my favorite climbs.


thundercloud - Mar 23, 2008 8:24 pm Date Climbed: Sep 16, 2007

West Ridge  Sucess!

Another adventure with Sir P, and barely snuck this nice climb in before the hail and snow flurries hit. Camped at Snow Lakes and had a nice early start. Done with the serious stuff by early afternoon. Swedish bikini climbing team was not to be found, nor were any others on this questionable day. I love this place though! I want to go back and just hang out for awhile.


kgriggs - Sep 28, 2007 5:28 pm Date Climbed: Sep 23, 2007

West Ridge  Sucess!

What Joepa, said just remove kyle and insert joe


joepa - Sep 24, 2007 3:43 pm Date Climbed: Sep 23, 2007

West Ridge  Sucess!

Climbed with Brian, Kyle and Kristy. Camped at Snow Lakes Saturday night, climbed on Sunday and hiked all the way out. Beautiful day, but a bit chilly in the morning. Great climb!

Rice Climber

Rice Climber - Jul 12, 2007 8:09 pm Date Climbed: Jul 7, 2007

West Ridge  Sucess!

Summitted on 7/7/7 with Max from Seattle and Patrick from Sedona. Totally fun route. I wish it was longer!!

Dave S

Dave S - Jul 6, 2007 1:30 am Date Climbed: Jul 2, 2007

West Ridge  Sucess!

Had a great time in the mountains with I.L. and definitely a great climb! Camped above Aasgard Pass so we could also hit Dragontail while in the area. I had heard quite a bit about the Enchantments and the area is definitely amazing!


ruthschlein - Nov 13, 2006 1:18 am Date Climbed: Oct 1, 2006

Prusik Peak  Sucess!

Great cool day, lots of fun on the West Ridge. We got lucky winning the lottery and so we camped below the peak. Beautiful time to be up in the granite with the Larch trees shining like gold...


nasak - Oct 7, 2006 7:09 am Date Climbed: Oct 1, 2006

Route Climbed: West Ridge  Sucess!

Three of us hit up Prusik Peak in Oct 2006. We climbed up the West Ridge which I found relaxed and fun. Beautiful view with the larch trees changing. The 2-day trip was a marathon!


jordansahls - Aug 31, 2006 3:51 am Date Climbed: Aug 29, 2006

West Ridge, F-ing sweet!  Sucess!

Still, I could have done without the 30 to 40 mph winds!


bacrossman - Aug 31, 2006 2:49 am Date Climbed: Aug 29, 2006

West Ridge  Sucess!

Nice route, lots of fun. It was a bit windy though, and belaying was quite chilly.


rpc - Jun 29, 2006 5:03 pm

Two Lines

South Face, Stanely-Hamburger, June 25-56, 2006. 4 years since our last visit here. Enough to forget the long (if on nice trails) approach. Nice line. Ledgy though and the last pitch was not that great IMHO (weird cracks). Ran short on gear on it (which scared me). You can easily do the route in ~4 pitches with 60m rope. Chimney pitch was actually nicer (comparable to chimney pitch on Aries at Index - just a touch longer but with very good pro). Long approach/hike out esp. for first alpine outing of the season.

West Ridge, Sept. 28, 2002. My wife and I did this as a day climb via Snow Lakes (?) trail - about 20 miles r.t. and 6700' of elevation gain. Started on saturday at 2am pretty much straight from work; were done climbing the incredible pitches of prusik by about 4pm; back in the car at 11pm on saturday (passed out in the car at 11:05pm and slept till 8am) for a grand total of 21 nonstop hrs. of fun. Carried two ropes (10.5 and 9), full rack of cams and full set of nuts - the pack weight was appreciable - if I had to do it over again, I'd bring.....well, pretty much the same thing (used most of it) maybe I'd skip the food since we really did not eat anything (not sure why, just skipped our minds). Best rock climb to date. The 5.7 smearing slab portion was relatively easy (short) however the belay above that section was very interesting - narrow, exposed ledge with the anchor being somewhat questionable. The ridge traverse after the 5.7 slab was very exposed - opted to do it as a 'finger traverse' on one side given the fact that pro could really be set only to take a fall in a single direction off the ridge. The final long pitch below the summit was definitely the crux - the 5.6 lieback beginning was fun, the 5.8 chimney (according to Jeff Smoot's book) was interesting - was able to place multiple solid pieces at the start of the chimney, go onto a slanting ledge about 1/3 of the way up the chimney and solidly place two (large and medium) cams 1/2 way up that last portion of the chimney. Rapped off the north face - seemed to take many many rappels - group ahead of us kept on getting their ropes stuck so we opted to do only 2 initial rap's as double rope; rest were single rope. Excellent climb!!!!


daverobb - Apr 16, 2006 6:11 pm Date Climbed: Oct 4, 2005

Route Climbed: West Ridge  Sucess!

Amazing area in the fall! Very "Enchanting"! And the route was solid.


Kerstin - Sep 27, 2005 11:04 pm

Route Climbed: West Ridge and South Face Date Climbed: August 13 & 14, 1986  Sucess!

Approached via Aasgard Pass. The Enchantment Lakes region has got to be one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas I've ever been to. The climbs were wonderful--great weather and routes on impeccable granite.


jtschanz - Sep 21, 2005 11:49 am

Route Climbed: West Ridge Date Climbed: September 18, 2005  Sucess!

Great rock and an awesome position high above the Enchantment Lakes. This was a very enjoyable climb on a clear & sunny (but cold!) morning. Too bad the climb is so short. The descent seemed to take forever - hats off to anyone who does this climb car-to-car in a day.


hkutuk - Sep 20, 2005 12:41 pm

Route Climbed: West Ridge Date Climbed: September 17-18, 2005  Sucess!

Jim and I entered the 7:45am Enchantment permit lottery and we won! so Prusik was a go. Fortunately on Sunday the weather improved from previous day's cloudy, drizzly, gloomy state to blue sunny skies though it was still cold. We climbed leisurely 4 pitches up and enjoyed the summit for half an hour. Two double and one single rope rappel brought us down to where we could scramble back. Camping in the Enchantments with larches turning yellow was great, but the hike in and out from Snow Lakes seemed never ending, too much work for 3-4 pitches of climbing but well worth the ambiance.


jasonconnell - Aug 14, 2005 1:35 am

Route Climbed: West Ridge Date Climbed: July 23 2005  Sucess!

Hiked in via Asgard pass on 7/22 in a pouring rain. Rain stopped early that evening but it was a windy night. Cleared up the next day and we were able to get up the ridge in good weather. After Rapping down the North Face we hiked back to camp, had a snack and headed up Little Anapurna. We had a birds eye view of the grim helicopter body recovery of a young hiker who had fallen a died the day prior. Hiked back out Sunday, Asgard pass is worse going down than up!

Pictures here


cluck - Jul 21, 2005 1:48 pm

Route Climbed: West Ridge Date Climbed: July 17 2005  Sucess!

Hike in from Snow Lakes with giant pack (4 day trip) was pretty tough. Camped at Lep. Lake and battled the bugs. Lots of trout to be caught in all lakes. Climbed West Ridge in party of 3. Must have climbed the harder "chimney" to reach summit since it really wasn't a chimney at all but rather an awkward off width that took us a couple of looks to figure out. Bald eagle soaring above us on the summit seemed about right for the Enchantments experience.

Chinese Rock

Chinese Rock - Feb 24, 2005 3:32 am

Route Climbed: West Ridge Date Climbed: June 12, 2004  Sucess!

I climbed this one with Tom Fralich (see hist post below). The only thing I would add to his comments is that if you do an early season ascent of the peak consider bringing your boots on the route -- they might come in very handy for getting back to Prusik Pass after rappelling the north face.

Derek Franzen

Derek Franzen - Aug 16, 2004 8:27 pm

Route Climbed: South Face E route & W Ridge Date Climbed: July '80 & July '81  Sucess!

1st trip: With E Sandbo, L Rasmussen & M Woodmansee. Hiked in with wives to camp above Naiad Lake on Friday. Swam a little in Snow Lake on the way in. Up early Saturday and climbed up route, 1st pitch not hard to protect if you stay near outside edge of the chimney. Even numbered pitches were easy. Climbed up crux, bulging flared jam crack, and thrutched up it, no style points awarded. Downclimbed and rappeled from summit down N side of peak, many large ledges and several rappels. On way back to camp found perfect small stream cutting itself a 6" wide by 6" deep trough through granite slabs. Wonderful fun climb. 2nd trip: Same guys on way to Cannon Mtn.

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