Rocks of "Skalna Brama"

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Created On: May 5, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 10, 2008

A short picture history on the Karkonosze Mts.

"Skalna Brama" is one of many characteristic, elevated rocks scattered in groups along all the range of the Karkonosze Mts., SW Poland. Its name we can freely translate as "Rocky Gate". Skalna Brama is situated ca at the level of 1000 m a.s.l. in the most western part of the range and presents a picture of special weathering of granite. More fragile and delicate parts of a porphyric rock were weathered vertically and more often horizontally. This process is visible today as the very picturesque structure. In some parts of a coarse grained granite one can see large crystals of feldspars or pegmatite inclusions. In rocks of Skalna Brama some radioactive minerals were noted, however, my last measures of radioactivity showed the highest values ca 0.50 mSv only. These rocks are above spruce and larch forest. At their bottom grow grasses (Nardus stricta) and dwarf shrubs (Vaccinium myrtillus). On their tops sometimes we can observe small deciduous trees (Sorbus aucuparia). Skalna Brama offers beautiful perspectives on the Izerskie Mts. and other parts of Karkonosze Mts. These rocks are very suitable for climbing and bouldering, however, there are no there touristic trails. This area is outside of the protected Karkonosze National Park. Other similar and very well known rocky group called "Pilgrims" is near Sniezka Mt., the highest mountain of the Karkonosze range.
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