Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.91357°N / 8.69353°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Sport Climbing, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8074 ft / 2461 m
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The Rossstock is one of a line of mountains situated between the Klausenpass to the south and the Riemenstaldnertal to the north. The other mountains in the range include Fulen (2491m), Chaiserstock (2515m), Chronenstock (2360m), Blüemberg (2405m), Hundstock (2213m) and Spilauerstock (2270m).

The area offers varied possibilities - in summer and fall it there are many hiking routes. In winter and spring all of the above mountains are reachable with skis. In spring through fall many of the areas also set up for rock climbing. Schmalstöckli (2017m) near the Lidernenhütte, in particular, dries out early in spring and can be reached with skis or snow shoes for rock climbing while others are still climbing Rossstock and Chaiserstock with skis and snowboards.

Note, the name "Rossstock" is, despite appearences, correct. It comes from the combination of "Ross" (steed, horse) and "Stock" (stick, point) into the single word where, in German, the third 's' is not dropped.

Getting There

The Rossstock is normally climbed from Riemenstaldnertal.

By public transport: Take the train to Sissikon, UR (regional trains run from Zug, Brunnen, and Altdorf). in Sissikon, switch to the bus to Chäppliberg.

By car: Drive along the Vierwaldstattersee to Sissikon. In sissikon, take the small turn up to Rimenstalden and follow steep road up the valley. Pass through Rimenstalden and continue on to Chäppliberg. There is parking next to the small Seilbahn.

From Klausenpass

By public transport: Take the train to beautiful village of Flüelen, UR. From there, busses depart for Unterschächen in the Klausen pass. Take this bus to the lifthouse parking area after Brügg.

By car: Drive Altdorf and turn up the Klausenpass. Shortly after exiting the main city of Altdorf there is a lifthouse with parking on the left. This is the start of the route.

When to Climb

In summer, the all of the mountains are possible to hike. From the Lidernenhütte with the seilbahn they make easy day trips (700-800m). Without the seilbahn they are long or very long depending on which valley you are starting from. A challenging tour is to start from the Klausenpass and to climb the steep side of the Rossstock and to descend into Riemenstaldental.

In winter and spring, the same mountains are climbable with skis and also make excellent snowboard tours. The north/Lidernen side keeps snow longer and is often still skiiable late into the spring.

Spring through Fall, both sides of the ridgeline are rigged for climbing. The guide Plaisir OST has a good writeup of Ruegig on the Klausen side and Lidernen on the Rimenstalden side.

Places to Stay

At the top of the lift on both sides of the mountain are mountain huts or hotels. From Klausenpass, there is Berggasthaus Biel directly at the top of the seilbahn. from Chäppliberg, Lidernenhütte is just a short 10 minute walk from the top of the seilbahn.

Above these there are just mountains and the occasional farmer.

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