Ruta del Cares

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Ruta del Cares
Created On: Jul 16, 2013
Last Edited On: Apr 28, 2016


Ruta del Cares or The Divine Gorge is a very nice and often crowded (summer) trail that separates Macizo Central (Los Urrieles) from Macizo Oriental de Picos de Europa (El Cornión). Cares is the beautiful creek that flows under the route, it's always some dozen meters below. The trail was built between 1945 and 1950 for the waterway's maintenance that feeds Poncebos Hydroelectric Power Station. The canal works were hold between 1916 and 1921. I'll add my Ruta del Cares' pics here. On June 20th 2013 I hiked the trail for the third time in live. I was a teenager when I first did it with my family and rewalked with a friend in the late 90s. This time I've gone with Nadie just after some real rainy days. I'm still not well recovered from an inguinal hernia surgery but I could end the trail without any problem. We started at the end of the road once passed Puente Poncebos, below Camarmeña (Asturias) and finished at Caín (León). It's a 11 Km walk, 22 Km if returning to the starting point.

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Ruta del Cares

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Ruta del Cares

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Ruta del Cares

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Ruta del Cares

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