Sadnig from Sadnighaus

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Austria, Europe
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Summer, Fall
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Half a day
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Sadnig from Sadnighaus
Created On: Jul 9, 2008
Last Edited On: Apr 20, 2018

Rating the Route (By Hiking Standards)

Hoher Sadnig from the northThe N ridge
The map of Sadnig areaSadnig area and its marked paths
The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

0. General: From 1880 m to 2745 m, exposition W and N. At first a steep hike-up through woods, then a less steep ascent over grassy slopes on Sadnigscharte. The final ridge has only a short final rocky section, where

some easy climbing is needed. Gear: Good hiking shoes and poles.

1. Effort: cca 900 m, 3 h.

2. Power: 2 - Easy (mostly 1 - no difficulties, the last few meters some pull-ups).

3. Psyche: 2 - Easy.

4. Orientation: 1 - No difficulties (well marked).


A very nice hike, especially in early summer where slopes are full of blossoming flowers, or in autumn. The direct variant is mostly straightforward, the alternative over Lindler Alm is a bit longer, but also very beautiful. So, we can combine them and make in the lower part a round tour. From Kapitzenbuehel over Sadnigscharte on top and back the route is the same. On this hike we can visit also the summit of Mulleter Sadnig (additional 15 minutes up from Sadnigscharte), and a small lake west of Sadnigscharte (we can visit it when going up or on the return down).

Route Description

See the main page of Sadnig how to reach Sadnighaus, 1880 m.

Above Astental
Variant 1. From the parking place we descend some 20 meters into the valley, go a few meters by the road up the valley and then immediately cross the creek over a good bridge. Clear signs and inscriptions direct us right, then horizontally over the slopes and then up the slopes, crossing them all the time towards the right (SW direction). Soon we are again opposite the hut and even further towards the right. There only the direction turns sharply and we start crossing the slopes towards the left and up. On one place crossing a ravine is a bit tricky, otherwise the path is broad, but mostly also steep.

Towards Kapitzenbuehl
So we reach a small picturesque side ridge and go by it. The creek cascade, which we were observing from the hut, how it falls down the slope, is already beneath us. Then we continue by an open terrain, all the time towards the east. So we reach a high plateau north of Bretterwand, and in the middle of it a small bump, called Kapitzenbuehel, 2282 m. There from the left the northern variant (over Lindler Alm) joins.

The upper Lindler Alm
Variant 2. As above, we descend into the valley and continue by the road towards the NE on Auernig Alm. There the flat part of Astental ends. Be careful to turn right and follow the broad marked path (No. 149) on Lindler Alm, which we clearly see less than 100 m higher. Don't go in the same direction on Schobertoerl! From Lindler Alm we continue the ascent in the SE direction. In many switchbacks we approach steep rocky walls, until in a corner below the walls a steep ramp opens towards the right. The passage is protected by a steel rope (forming a fence), but is broad and comfortable, because cattle is brought by it on the higher plateau. Exiting the passage, we enter through a fence gate into a paradise. A nice, flat grassy plateau, with many water ponds, rhododendrhon patches, full of cattle (in summer) and a small hut above, monitoring the scene. The path crosses the meadow in the SW direction and then in a few turns ascends on Kapitzenbuehel. This variant is some 15-30 minutes longer then #1.

On Sadnigscharte
The summit ascent goes first a bit up and down over the plateau and then by a broad valley towards the east on Sadnigscharte, 2484 m. There the eastern view opens, and also the view over the mountains across Astental on Grossglockner.

Mulleter Sadnig
From Sadnigscharte it is very recommendable to jump up on the nearby Mulleter Sadnig, 2569 m. The hill is rounded and easy to reach, we need just a few minutes, but the view on Grossglockner and also on the main summits of Goldberg group is already almost perfect. We can also overlook well the last part of our further route - by the N ridge on top of Hoher Sadnig.

Approaching the summit of Sadnig
We return on Sadnigscharte and continue southwards. First we gain the N ridge of Sadnig, then continue a bit towards the right, turn left again and cross the slope covered with big, unstable rocks, go up the ridge again and gain the fore-summit, called Gradoz, descend a bit and finally attack the last 100 meters of the ascent. Only the last part is rocky, where we need to pull up on a few places, but this climbing part is also easy.

We return on Kapitzenbuehel by the same route, and there decide wheter to do the round tour in the valley or not.

Below Sadnig
And the last hint: When returning by the N ridge of Sadnig on Sadnigscharte, just before the saddle, you can descend left down towards a small lake (or go there from the saddle). There is no path, but the small detour is easy and certainly worth to do. The scenery by the lake (actually there are two more ponds) is very nice.

Sadnig from Sadnighaus

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