Scott's Wish List-Backpacking Trips (Mostly Long Distance)

Scott's Wish List-Backpacking Trips (Mostly Long Distance)

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Scott's Wish List-Backpacking Trips (Mostly Long Distance)

This is my wish list of the top backpacking trips I hope to so within my lifetime. All these are hopefully in reach and I hope to get as many as I can, though my family (wife + kids) are my #1 responsibility and their needs come first.


Hikes were selected for various reasons. Some are on the list simply because they are beautiful, some are on the list because they would be a great challenge for me, some are on the list because they are easy enough that I can climb with my wife and kids, some are on the list for their history, some are on the list just for the heck of it. Some are well known and some are very little known, so there are a variety of hikes that I want to do.

Note: This list only includes the wish list since this page was created. Previously, I have already completed many hikes which were on old wish list, thus there is an absence of hikes listed in my favorite areas (since I've already completed them).

The Hikes List was created on September 4 2012, and expanded a few times since then.

When I complete each of the canyons on this list, it will be noted with a date.


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1 Kokoda Trail  Papua New Guinea     
2 Huayhuash Circuit  Peru Completed June 24-July 5 2017  
Siula Grande
3 John Muir Trail  California Partially completed on July 1-2 2015
4 Inca Trail  Peru    
The classic view of Huayna...
5 North Boundary Trail   Canada    
Simply Mount Robson (3954 m)...
6 Nigel Pass to Beaver Creek   Canada    
Nigel Peak and her northern...
7 Tonto Trail-South Kaibab to Grandview  Arizona Completed November 25-28 2021  
Along the Tonto Trail between the South Kaibab and Grapevine Canyon
8 Kalalau Trail  Hawaii  
Kalalau Trail, Napali Coast
9 Highline Trail  Utah Mostly Completed  
Pic of Lovenia while climbing...
10 Nahuel Huapi Traverse  Argentina    
Cerro Catedral, Torre Principal (2405m)
11 Haute Route   France/Switzerland    
12 El Mirador Trek   Mexico    
13 Little Colorado River   Arizona    
 Sometimes I feel sorry for the river...
14 Tanner Wash/Hot Na Naa Canyon  Arizona Completed April 1-2 2023
Downclimb in Tanner Wash
15 West Clear Creek   Arizona  
From Mesa-top
16 Boulder Pass Traverse  Montana    
Kintla and Kinnerly from Boulder
17 Lakes Plateau Loop   Montana    
18 Wallowa River Loop  Oregon    
Ice Lake
19 Sawtooths Loop   Idaho    
Goat Lake
20 Hole in the Rock to Rock Creek  Utah    
21 Narsarsuaq to Narsaq   Greenland    
22 Paria River  Utah-Arizona Partially Complete  
Mile 15 - Heart of the Canyon
23 Highline Trail  Wyoming Partially Complete  
...From the Green River
24 Top of Kolob Arch   Utah  
Kolob Arch
25 Barranca del Cobre   Mexico    
basaseachic falls
26 Flat-Rock Creek Loop   Utah    
27 Wet Beaver Creek  Arizona    
28 Everest Basecamp  Nepal Completed December 11-28 2012  
Base Camp
29 Uinta River Loop  Utah Partially Complete  
Roberts Peak and Trail Rider Peak
30 Grand Gulch-Bullet Canyon to Government Trail  Utah Completed May 23-25 2015   
Big Man Panel
31 Deer Creek-Kanab Loop  Arizona Partially Complete  
Lower Deer Creek Falls
32 Sams Mesa Box-Twin Corral Box Loop  Utah Partially Complete  
Sams Mesa Box Canyon
33 Stough Lakes and Middle Popo Agie Loop   Wyoming    
Popo Agie Falls
34 Langtang Circuit   Nepal    
Langshisa Ri
35 Scorpion Gulch Loop  Utah Completed May 23-25 2020   
Hiking the Escalante River below Scorpion Gulch
36 Gypsum Canyon  Utah Partially Complete  
37 CDT Stoney Pass to Rio Grande Reservoir   Colorado    
Rio Grande Pyramid from above
38 Snowy Mountains Loop  Wyoming Completed July 22-23 2017   
Typical Shot
39 Wyoming Trail  Colorado Completed August 7-9 2014   
Lost Ranger Peak
40 Wonderland Trail  Washington Partially Complete  
Photo taken from the west...
41 Ausangate Circuit   Peru    
Nevado Ausangate
42 Araucaria Volcanoes  Chile    
Villarrica during dusk
43 North Cascades Loop   Washington    
Tomyhoi Peak
44 Spider Meadow-Buck Creek Pass Loop   Washington    
Fortress Scramble
45 Seven Devils Loop  Idaho    
He and She Devil
46 Isla del Sol   Bolivia    
Ancohuma - Illampu
47 White Clouds Peak Loop   Idaho    
Boulder Chain Lakes
48 Pioneer Mountains Traverse  Idaho    
Baptie Lake View
49 Sierra Nevada del Cocuy Circuit  Colombia    
Pico La Aguja at the east...
50 Sierra Nevada de Merida  Venezuela    
Pico Bolivar from Espejo


51 North Rainbow Trail Utah Partially completed on June 24 2022 
Cha Canyon on the north side of Navajo Mountain.
52 Beckwith Plateau/Price River Loop Utah Completed November 21-24 2020 
53 Snake Gulch Arizona Completed February 15-16 2020 
Pictographs in Snake Gulch
54 Arctic Circle Trail Greenland    
55 Jones Canyon Colorado Completed December 1-2 2019 
Rock Formations on Jones Canyon Rim
56 Knowles Canyon to Colorado River Colorado Completed October 31-November 1 2020 
Sunrise on Knowles Canyon
57 Mee Canyon to the Colorado River Colorado Completed April 18-19 2020 
Mee Canyon Alcove
58 Clear Creek Arizona  
Granite Gorge
59 Nankoweap Arizona Partially Complete
Nankoweap Creek Trail
60 Fourmile Canyon/Ticaboo Utah Completed January 19-21 2019 
61 Roubideaux Canyon Colorado Completed September 26-27 2020 
Roubideau Canyon
62 Parashant Canyon Arizona Completed December 24-26 2020 
The Radioactive Slot Canyon (Grand Canyon)
63 Fourmile Canyon to Lake Powell Utah Partially completed on January 19-21 2006 
Mount Ellsworth
64 Swett Creek to Lake Powell Utah Partially Complete
Swett Creek
65 Spring and Nates Canyons Utah Partially Complete  
66 Main Canyon Loop Colorado Completed November 17-18 2012 
Main Canyon Tower
67 Slickhorn Canyon Utah Partially complete on April 16 2023 
A well preserved ruin in Slickhorn Canyon
68 Coal Creek Utah Completed November 12-13 2022 
View from Peak 4879
69 Floy Canyon Utah Completed October 30-31 2021 
A rock tower in Floy Canyon.
70 Phantom Creek to Crystal Creek Loop Arizona    
71 Blue Lake/Indian Point Colorado Partially Complete  
72 Silver Falls Creek Utah  Completed March 6-7 2021 
Backpacking Silver Falls Creek
73 Saddlehorse Canyon Utah Partially Complete March 27-28 2021  
74 Tanner/Beamer Trail Arizona Partially Complete
Tanner Trail - Upper Reaches
75 Bullock Draw/South Fork Coal Wash Utah Completed December 11-12 2021 
Exploring Bullock Draw
76 White Crack Utah Partially completed February 15 2015 
77 Bandelier National Monument Loop New Mexico  
Ceremonial Cave
78 Bullfrog Creek Utah    
79 Fiftymile Point Utah    
80 Catinaccio Italy Completed June 22-23 2019 
Vajolet Tower
81 Tour du Blanc Italy/France/Switzerland  
Aiguille du Midi and Aiguille Verte
82 Little Dolores River Colorado  
Little Delores
83 Cross Canyon Colorado    
84 Under the Rim Trail Utah Partially completed May 4 2009 
85 Parunaweap Canyon Utah Partially completed April 30 2022 
Parunaweap Canyon
86 Robbers Roost Canyon Utah Completed December 19-20 2020 
Robbers Roost Canyon
87 Needles Loop Utah Completed March 9-10 2019 
Chessler Park
88 Horseshoe Canyon Utah Partially Complete
Horseshoe Canyon
89 Chimney Canyon Utah Completed April 3-5 2015 
Chimney Canyon
90 Webb/Owl Creek Loop Wyoming    
91 Long, Round, Percy, and Elmo Lakes Colorado Completed September 6-7 2013 
Round Lake
92 Little Death Hollow/Horse Canyon/Wolverine Canyon Loop Utah Completed April 13-14 2013 
Little Death Hollow
93 Muley Twist Canyon Utah Completed March 16-17 2013 
Lower Muley Twist
94 No Mans Canyon  Utah    
95 Lost Creek Wilderness Loop Colorado   
Lost Park Meadow and Peak 10926
96  Marble Canyon-Cottonwood Canyon Loop  California  
Marble in Mosaic Canyon
97  Lower Grand Gulch  Utah Completed February 17-19 2023 
Red, White, and Blue Panel in Grand Gulch
98 Tonto Trail-South Bass to Boucher  Arizona    
99 Sneffels Traverse Colorado Partially Completed January 23-25 2023 
Approach to the North Pole Hut. The prominent peak is S9.  Hayden Peak is far right.
100 Dry Rock Creek-Woolsey Arch   Utah