Scott's Wish List-Other (non-Summit/Canyoneering/Long Hike) Destinations

Scott's Wish List-Other (non-Summit/Canyoneering/Long Hike) Destinations

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My Wish List-Other Destinations

This is my wish list of the top non-summit/canyoneering/long hike destinations I hope to see within my lifetime. I listed only the ones which I feel are realistic goals for me. All these are hopefully in reach and I hope to get as many as I can, though my family (wife + kids) are my #1 responsibility and their needs come first. Destinations were selected for various reasons. Some are on the list simply because they are beautiful, some are on the list because they would be a exciting for me, some are on the list because they are easy enough that I can go to with my wife and kids, some are on the list for their history, some are on the list just for the heck of it. Some are well known and some are very little known, so there are a variety of places that I want to visit. Some of these locations do have summits and canyoneering, but these are specific locations that can be reached by other means or for other reasons. Note: This list only includes the wish list since this page was created. Previously, I have already seen many destinations which were on old wish list, thus there is an absence of places listed in my favorite areas (since I've already completed them). The list was created on November 4 2012, and expanded a few times since then, so only mountains that I still haven't/hadn't completed to those dates are on the list below. When I see each of the places on this list, it will be noted with a date.

My Other Wish List

Mountains and Rocks

Non-Summit Crags and Climbs

Slot Canyons

Hikes (mostly long distance)


1 Bridge Mountain Arch   Utah  
Zion National Park
2 Caving-Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy  Puerto Rico  
Hungry Spider
3 Raft-Rio Antigua-Completed February 13 2019  Mexico  n/a
4 Archeological Site-Ankor Wat   Cambodia  n/a
5 Raft-Rio Atuel  Argentina  
Cañon del Atuel
6 Raft-Rio Manso   Argentina  
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7 Raft-Grand Canyon   Arizona  
Granite Gorge
8 Raft-Rio Urubamba   Peru  
Putucusi and Rio Urubamba
9 Raft-Cai  Vietnam  n/a
10 Canoeing-Gunnison River-Completed May 26 2014  Colorado  
Rafters on Gunnison River
11 Archeological Site-Machu Picchu   Peru  
Just after dawn at Machu Picchu
12 Archeological Site-Teotihuacan-Visited December 30 2016   Mexico  
Temple of the Moon
13 Galapagos Islands   Ecuador  
Galapagos Islands
14 Diving-Blue Hole   Belize  n/a
15 Rafting-Rio Gariche   Panama  n/a
16 Northern Range Caves   Trinidad and Tobago   n/a
17 Rafting-Rio Chili-Completed March 29 2014  Peru  
Off Topic-For Trip Report only
18 Rafting/Canoeing-Yampa River  Colorado  
Tiger Wall
19 Caving-Son Doong  Vietnam  n/a
20 Rafting-Zambezi River   Zimbabwe  n/a
21 Rafting-Rio Pastaza-Completed December 30 2022 Ecuador n/a
22 Jovellar Caves Phillipines   
23 Kabayan Mummy Caves-Completed December 22 2022 Philippines