Seerdengpu (Yerenfuan, Wildman Peak)

Seerdengpu (Yerenfuan, Wildman Peak)

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Location Lat/Lon: 31.21280°N / 102.80319°E
Additional Information Elevation: 18346 ft / 5592 m
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Rough map of Four Girls Mountains

The Seerdengpu(Yerenfuan) is a knife edged rock peak in southwestern China. September 13th 2010, Chad Kellog and Dylan Johnson made first ascent via the Northeast Ridge.
Seerdengpu is part of the Four Girls Mountains, a beautiful Nature Reserve with many sharp rock peaks, lakes and marshes. Glaciers shaped the area in a distant past. The highest peak in the region is Four Girls Mountain itself, reaching up to 6250m. The area is known for it’s abundance of blooming flowers and alpine plants. Also, a lot of medicinal herbs can be found.
The Four Girls region is at the east end of the Tibetan cultural sphere. Many Tibetans live in this area for more than 1000 years. The main living basis is pasturage and agriculture.

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Around Mount Fourth Girl

Getting There

Seerdengpu is located near Rilong town, Xiaojin County in Sichuan Province. In Rilong town you can find many hotels. Beware that may 1st - 7th, and october 1st - 7th are a holiday in China, so the hotels are very crowded, they also change their rates.

Nearest major airport is in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. This is a 3 hours flight from Shanghai. From Chengdu it's a 6 hours bus trip to Rilong town.

Approach to the south-east side
Build a base camp at the foot of the Seerdengpu (around 4000m).
It is the terminal of the Long Terrace Valley.
It takes 2 days form Rilong Town by walk.
There is no hut.
In Rilong Town, you can employs porters and horses to the base. The fee is as follows:
Porter : around $15 each day.
Horse : around $30 each day.

Approach to the north-west side
Build a base camp at the foot of the Seerdengpu (around 3800m).
It is just before the terminal of the Twin Bridge Valley (Shuangqiao-gou Valley).
It takes 1.5 hour from the Rilong Town by car.
There is no hut.
In Rilong Town, you can take taxi to the entry of the Twin Bridge Valley. The taxi fee is around $5.
At the entry , pay the entry fee around $10. And change car from taxi to the shuttle bus, and go to the base. The bus fee is around $10.
You can employs porters in the valley, but not horse. The porter's fee is around $15 each day.

Red Tape

You pay the Management Bureau a entry fee (about $9) at the entrance gate in the Nature Reserve.
There are three valleys in the Nature Reserve. At the entrance gate which is in each valley, you pay the entry fee and other (like a camping fee).
At present, the climber who reaches the summit pays the Sichuan Mountaineering Association a mountaineering fee.
Please inquire to the office at the entrance gate or the following for the details.
The Sichuan Mountaineering Aassociation ""
Sometimes, the rule changes. You shuld be confirm at the entrance gate or in the travel agency.


Before building a tent, you notice this to the entrance gate and you'll have to pay a fee.

Mountain Conditions

Will research into this soon, for now see the Nature Reserve website. (English)

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