Serra do Papagaio traverse

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Minas Gerais/ Aiuruoca, Brazil, South America
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Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Fall, Winter
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A few days

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Serra do Papagaio traverse
Created On: Oct 28, 2013
Last Edited On: Oct 28, 2013


Looking back to Papagaio Peak
What a view...
And I gave up...
My point of return last year, already sick with cancer.
The Papagaio traverse is one of the most frequented traverses of the area. Most people who do it aren't even mountaineers, just campers or stoners that like some isolaton to consume their weed (unfortunately). Aprox 10% of people that cross this range hiking are serious mountaineers, which is too bad for us. Private property owners avoid contact with us thinking we are stoners too so this is something we have to change around here.
Anyway, a very scenic traverse, easy, and very well marked, and it can be done in one single day from point to point (if you wanna rush into it), but if you wanna enjoy the views and maybe observe some serious wildlife, in a couple of days.  

The entire traverse is 14kms long, from parking lot 1 (base of Papagaio Peak) to parking lot 2 (close to Do Lado De Lá Hut - 1865m). Something around 8.5 miles I'd say. A short traverse for sure, when you thing about other great traverses we have here, like Serra Fina Traverse (35kms), and Monte Crista traverse (59kms), and the new Serra dos Órgãos traverse, in which mountaineers federations and clubs are still working on it, and it will be named "Caminhos da Serra do Mar" and it is 68kms long. Hiking by most of the highest peaks of Rio de Janeiro.

Main Peaks of thie traverse:

Getting There

To get to Aiuruoca is a tricky business just like its neighbor cities Alagoa and Baependi. Best is by bus from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. The small map shows the way from Passa Quatro county, one of the bigger cities in the area.

From São Paulo, bus towards Caxambú county (Tietê bus terminal – price is R$ 54,55 – around US$ 23.00 – it takes 6h30min).

That can be with viação Cometa ( From there get a second bus to Aiuruoca (same bus terminal – R$ 13,55 around US$ 5.5 – it takes one hour more), or a taxi ride since there’s just one bus leaving the city per day (that would be pretty expensive, around R$ 80,00). Phone: 55 + 11 + 4004-9600.

From Rio de Janeiro get a bus to Caxambu the same way (Novo Rio bus terminal – price is R$ 53,47 – around US$ 22.00 – it takes 5h30min). From there get a second bus to Aiuruoca (same bus terminal – R$13,55 around US$ 5.5 – it takes one hour more), or a taxi ride since there’s just one bus leaving the city per day (that would be pretty expensive, around R$ 80,00).

That can be with Viação Cidade do Aço ( Phone: 55 + 21 + 2136-4750.

Route Description

Very easy, well marked, like a road...stick to the trail and you won't have any problem with getting lost or with wildlife.
Some photos...

The wall as seen...
Papagaio Peak wall from the trail
Going for the traverse
Very scenic trail

Beautiful trail!
Gorgeous Isn't it?

Info view 1
Info view 1
Info view 2
Info view 2

Info view 3
Google Earth and photo.

Info view 4

Red Tape

Onça Parda aka as Suçuarana (Puma Concolor)

Photo in São Paulo Zoo, for illustration of this beautiful cat.

Be very careful with wildlife in here, protect yourself, DON’T MAKE FIRE to drive away the animals, don’t leave food leftovers inside the tent, close a double bag with it and leave outside the tent, at least 30 feet away, and take it with you next morning. Most likely no wildlife will approach, but if this happens, you’ll be safe. To drive wild animals away some noise will do just fine.

There’s quite a few reports of the feared Onça Pintada (Panthera onca) attacks, the last one a couple years ago, it killed ayoung girl outside the city by the road, and police found only the girl’s head, sad story. Be careful also with the Suçuarana, this animal will probably run away from you, but if it’s a female and a recent mother, that could be a problem. The photo was taken in the São Paulo Zoo, gorgeous cat indeed. Also, be alert for poisonous snakes and bugs.

Essential Gear

Good hiking boots
Down jacket 
Water proof parka 
Some protection to the neck and head - the sun burns really bad up there
60l backpack at least 
Full cooking set

Legal Issues

To hike/ climb is a dangerous activity and requires proper equipment and clothing, the owner of this page cannot be blamed by injuries caused to anyone who read this page for its info about the mountain, and eventually got hurt by doing so with reckless behaviour or bad weather conditions.
Paulo Roberto Felipe Schmidt – AKA: PAROFES

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