Shrines and Legends of the Caucasus

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Shrines and Legends of the Caucasus
Created On: Nov 8, 2007
Last Edited On: Nov 8, 2007

The legends and the legendary history

Zeskhura River, source of Jason s Golden FleeceThe gold of the Argonauts came from here...

Noah moored his arc to a nearly-submerged mountaintop, and Jason sent his Argo there on the Golden Fleece quest. The Scythians hoarded golden images of beasts in the foothill mounds. Urartian, Parthian, and Roman armies erected the monuments praising their fleeting conquests. King Trdat roamed the woods in the shape of a boar, before making his country the world's first Christian power. Maslama besieged Bab-al-Abwab, the Gate of Gates, in the name of Allah, just as Roland lay dying at the gates of Europe.

Hundreds of nations extant and extinct, thousands of myths and real epic stories surround the Caucasus.

Please post your images of monumants, shrines, and legendary mountains of Caucasus here. The main Caucasus page is getting crammed with the stuff, maybe we should leave for the more pure mountaneering imagery.


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Shrines and Legends of the Caucasus

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