Ski route from alb.Forni

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Ski route from alb.Forni
Created On: May 29, 2008
Last Edited On: Mar 28, 2012
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In this section will be explaned the ski ascent starting from the Albergo dei Forni, along the Forni glacier.

This mountain can be climbed even from the south side, but this route is climbed only after the opening of the Gavia pass (2621m). In case of closing the approach would be too long.

Many skiers use to climb Pizzo Tresero from ref.Branca, wherefrom is possible to gain 300 meters, but not very useful because the distance is longer.

Exposure to north of the peaks surrounding the glacier Forni, allow a good grip of snow until the end of May.
Panorama of Punta Pedranzini(left) and Tresero(right).

The route

The route seen from Colle Pasquale.

From the carpark just below the Albergo dei Forni (2178m), if the snow is enough, cross the river and take with a semicircle the right direction towards the Forni glacier.

Try during the route to take the right side of the glacier, and pay attention to the avalanches that may fall from the above flanks.

Once reached the height of the ref.Branca (2500m), the ski track coming from it should be visible.

However, climb the slopes on your right pointing towards Punta Pedranzini (that it is more visible than Tresero).
Once reached the end of the first slope (attention crevasses!), a flat area takes to the foot of Punta Pedranzini.

Avoid serracs that descend from it, along their left side. From there the slopes become steeper.

Usually skiers use climb it with a large semicircle right-left, pointing to snow saddle between Punta Pedranzini (left) and Pizzo Tresero (right).
From the saddle continue easily on foot or on skis until the cross of the summit (3594).

You can also climb Punta Pedranzini (3599m), which is quite more difficult(IIĀ° ice).

From the top wonderful view to its south ridge and the bivouac "Seveso" in red color.

In descent is possible to follow the same route, or down to the right of the serracs, where slopes are steeper.

In case of return to ref.Branca, be careful to keep the right as much as possible, avoiding to loose altitude.

Ski route from alb.Forni

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