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metasyn11 - Aug 21, 2023 9:33 pm Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2023

From Alpental  Sucess!

Quick summit diversion while driving across Snoqualmie pass. 1.5h up, 1h down.


zhong - Feb 14, 2023 1:36 pm Date Climbed: Jan 29, 2023

Snoqualmie + Guye combo  Sucess!

Snowshoes. Carried crampons but never used them.
Good snow. No icy part. A bit windy on the ridge.

The lower slope is the steepest along the route.

My 2nd time in winter. This time, we also bagged Guye Peak.

nitramwerd - Jun 29, 2020 9:26 pm Date Climbed: Jun 26, 2020

Great Afterwork Uncrowded Friday Hike  Sucess!

Great after work hike up Mount Snoqualmie. The trail is pretty clear, but is not signed. The trail is pretty steep, but still able to keep a reasonable pace up. Take about an hour up and an hour down.

The trail is pretty clear and snow free until about 600 to 1000 feet below the summit. The trail then crosses a few snow fields for about 0.2 miles. It passes from the snow back to the trail. Traction is probably not required but is helpful, especially coming down as glissading would need to be precise to stay near the trail.

Great views on top of alpental and an iced over Snow Lakes. To get to the summit marker crossing a snow patch is required.


cascadescrambler - Aug 26, 2019 10:51 pm Date Climbed: Jun 21, 1975

All snow  Sucess!

This was totally a snow climb from the Alpental parking lot in June 1975. Fun glissades. Bagged Guye on the way down. - Jul 8, 2019 5:11 pm Date Climbed: May 27, 2019

Snoqualmie Mountain  Sucess!

Day trip with the Mountaineers. The trail up to the junction for Guye peak is now completely snow-free. The stream bed is also mostly dry and the trilliums are blooming! Continuing up and to the left, the stream crossing is easy and the water is flowing beautifully. The trail continues up the steep tree gully and some intermittent snow persists. Once you clear the forest and gain the subalpine terrain, there are snow patches to cross. We used ice axes to assist with the ascent and aid potential falls. Snow is at the summit. The day was cloud free in the early AM, but afternoon clouds began to blow in. Perfect 360-degree views everywhere! Most of the Home Court 100 was visible as well as the Alpine Lakes area. Amazing to see Snow Lake, frozen and still covered in snow.


bluecappo - Jun 18, 2019 12:37 pm Date Climbed: Apr 29, 2006

Yeah Buddy!  Sucess!

Do yourself a favor and get into this basin and climb these peaks!

spephsteph - Mar 5, 2019 12:00 pm Date Climbed: Mar 24, 2018

Snoqualmie Mountain

Boealps BCC climb. Turned around at 5500 ft due to time. - Sep 6, 2018 4:03 pm Date Climbed: Aug 3, 2018

Great hike - cliudy weather  Sucess!

Excited to hike Snoqualmie Mountain as it is on the Mountaineers Snoqualmie Pin list and Home Court 100. Started out on the trail about noon. Was expecting a hard hike, but have seen some great trip reports, especially by Gobazov who completed and wrote about an epic traverse. Upon starting the trail we met three gentlemen who had descended, we thought from either Snoqualmie Mountain or Guye Peak. They said it was a stair climb and asked if we had hiked or known the mountain. It's our first time, but Joe and I have done a few things. I'm in decent shape, yet found the trail a bit challenging. The early trail quickly steepens and ascends into an unrelenting climb over rocks, roots, and streams, for nearly a 1000 feet - as clearly indicated by the topo. The trail is rough at times, yet most of the rocks and stones make for good steps and footing - clearly a stair climb. The weather was very foggy and cloudy, so our visibility the entire was up was very limited. At about 4000 feet the forest canopy opened up revealing strewn rocks and boulders from a rock fall long ago. Cliffs are looming in the distance and we approached the fork to Guye Peak. We kept left following the trail as it continued to climb, ever steep into the gully on the way to Snoqualmie Mountain. Finally, the trail leveled at about 4500 feet and crossed a dry streambed and waterfall. The rock here is spectacular and must be a sight when water if slowing - definitely something to see in fall or spring. From here the trail climbed again - up dirt and tree roots, rather steep, ascending a gully and finally gaining the ridge to Snoqualamie around 4800 feet. As we gained altitude, the terrain became more open, and the subalpine fields emerged. Great rock formations cover the ridge, with small evergreen trees providing for a beautiful landscape. The fog was so dense, we could not see the valley floor below, nor Cave Ridge which normally would be in full view. We continued the climb, straight up the ridge, crisscrossing the peak with small switchbacks, perhaps 10 feet in length, zig-zagging up the hill. There appeared to be a few false summits, however, my altimeter clearly showed more room for climbing. As the trail ascended and steepened, it skirted a very steepening ridge, ledge, with a significant dropoff to the right, which only became steeper, deeper and closer to the trail. Mindful of my footing, I continued to climb - peering over the drop - the fog obscured a full view so it was challenging to put the magnitude of the drop off in perspective. It appears to be a very interesting basin which leads to Lundin Peak. Finally, I reached the false summit which must have spectacular views. As with many of my hikes this season, we had the foul weather view, which makes for cool cloudy photos. We found no summit register but did find the USGS marker. We made our way down, finding the footing easier going up. This is a difficult hike - some of you have trip reports with great times up and long traverse. The footing is challenging both ways. Be prepared to be mentally sharp and manage your footing - that said, this is one of the most interesting and enjoyable hikes I have done in the area, and am looking forward to exploring Guye Peak and maybe do a traverse of Lundin and other peaks. I will definitely hike this on a clear day.


kronshage3 - Sep 3, 2018 5:25 pm Date Climbed: Sep 3, 2018

Snoqualmie and Guye Combo  Sucess!

Pretty fun day. Recommend doing these early since the sun can really blast the steep trail in early to mid afternoon. Snoqualmie was straightforward with awesome views all around. Guye was a fun scramble to the true summit (via North Ridge route). We didn't bring any protection. If you don't bring protection, at least bring a helmet. The scramble isn't all that bad, there just aren't a lot of good holds that make the exposure feel that more real.


Dundeel - Aug 19, 2018 9:36 pm Date Climbed: Aug 19, 2018

Smokualmie  Sucess!

Very smoky. Could barely see across the valley. Hot but a little bit of breeze on the summit ridge was very welcome.


ZakG - May 2, 2017 11:51 pm Date Climbed: May 26, 1997

Snoqualmie Mountain is Beefy  Sucess!

My first time up Snoqualmie with Jason. I took a photo of him up there and it ended up in the first edition of Peggy Goldman's scrambling book, but Jason got the photo credit! I got a free book out of the deal, which was pretty good.


Euphonia - May 20, 2016 12:18 pm

Gorgeous day  Sucess!

Don't recall exactly when, but late fall I think as there was some snow up high.


mcross - Dec 14, 2015 5:38 pm

Fall 2015  Sucess!

Beautiful day hike. The trail was a little hidden, but not too far from the Snow Lakes trail head (exactly as described in the overview page.) Didn't bring ice ax or crampons, but they probably would have helped. Trekking poles were definitely helpful in the snow that we encountered starting at the half-way point going to the top.


EastKing - Nov 8, 2015 9:29 pm Date Climbed: Jul 19, 2008

Great views  Sucess!

Great hike with Bloated Chipmunk and crew.


EastKing - Nov 8, 2015 9:29 pm Date Climbed: Jul 19, 2008

Great views  Sucess!

Great hike with Bloated Chipmunk and crew.


pschlais - Sep 9, 2015 11:51 pm Date Climbed: Aug 8, 2015

standard route  Sucess!

Fun hike, good workout, great views.


BooRadley - Jul 20, 2015 10:45 pm Date Climbed: May 3, 2015

Standard Route  Sucess!

Fun hike. Snow near the summit. Great views! Combined with a climb of the north peak of nearby Guye.


awilsondc - May 12, 2015 11:10 pm Date Climbed: Mar 8, 2015

standard route  Sucess!

My first winter summit over 6000 ft, although to be honest it was spring conditions. No traction devices required today. Beautiful day!

Ian Culhane

Ian Culhane - Jan 23, 2015 2:32 am Date Climbed: Mar 26, 2010

Standard route  Sucess!

Some serious postholing near the summit, but we ended up not needing snowshoes or crampons; great day climb!


Guilty - Jul 9, 2014 1:17 am Date Climbed: Oct 9, 1984

From Alpental  Sucess!

Hiked up to cave ridge with my friend. Who decided to stay there for some protection from the storm. I solo to the summit.

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