Soon it will be time to go off trail now...

and head for that big snow field. It's early summer, and a recent period of snowfall has left its mark, or it would look very different. But I've got my crampons and axe, so I'll be fine.

It's out of view from here, but the snow field leads to Ijesfürggli (2348m), a high saddle in the ridge. It's just hidden behind the rocky ridge on the far right of the photo, which is part of Naafkopf. From that saddle, it's relatively easy to the first peak on the ridge, Schwarzhorn (2574m). After that, it gets more difficult. As you can see, the right hand size of Schwarzhorn is very steep!

When I'm up there, I'll decide whether I'll try to climb down or not to get to the next one, Vorder Grauspitz, my main goal for the day. The alternative is a detour down the Swiss side of the ridge and get back up it later on.

24 June 2012.


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