South Ridge

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South Ridge
Created On: Nov 14, 2009
Last Edited On: Nov 29, 2009


The south ridge to the west peak and then the west ridge up to the main peak is described here. It could be accessed from Dry Creek to the north, but there is no trail there, so the way from Strawberry Creek is the easiest and most direct.

Getting There

Follow the directions from the main page and find the bottom of the south ridge and park there.

Route Description

Haystack Peak routeThe ridge starts out of the picture a little to the left. It starts from the road which is right in the bottom of beautiful Strawberry Creek Canyon. The route goes up and over the west summit and drops a little bit before going up the western side of the summit pyramid
You leave your car and just start hiking up. Go up toward the north until you start to see the main ridge forming above you. It is just steep walking through open areas and some groups of trees. You go through an aspen grove lower down then you really see the ridge proper above you. Soon you will see the main summit off towards your right. Your goal is to go all the way to the west summit. When you finally get to the west summit after 3,000 feet of steep hiking then you look directly at the main summit to your east. Follow the west ridge first down then around a small outcrop and then right up the steep final headwall. There is never much difficulty, just lots of steep walking. When you reach the main peak, just look around and see what an amazing panorama there is. You can see most of the major ranges of the area and you have a great view of Star Valley and the Idaho ranges to the west. The view to the south of Strawberry Peak across Strawberry Creek is awesome because of the fantastic geology that is seen. Retrace your route back to the west summit and then follow the south ridge back to your car.

Essential Gear

Good footwear is essential, an ice axe might be necessary in early season. My last ascent this October had some snow, so gaiters and good boots helped out a lot.

South Ridge

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