South Side

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New Mexico, United States, North America
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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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South Side
Created On: Mar 6, 2007
Last Edited On: Jan 27, 2013

Getting There

See the main page Getting There for Otowi Peak.

Route Description

Otowi Peak South Side
About 50 feet back away from the river on the main road, you will find a side road signed 26X branching north through a tamarisk thicket. Walk north on this road about 150 yards (or drive if conditions are dry). You'll very soon have a good view of Otowi Peak. Just past a barb wire fence, hang a right and walk up a the sandy bed of the arroyo that runs along the south side of Buckman Mesa. About a quarter mile up the arroyo, keep you eyes peeled for a trail heading to the left up the arroyo's side. This trail heads steeply up to the mesa top, in a sort of bay between two southward pointing fingers of the mesa. Once on top, you can wander about at will. The trail heads northwest to Otowi Peak, but some detours to the cliff edges are definitely in order, especially on the mesa's west side looking into the river canyon. Make sure to take mental notes to find your way back to where the trail descends the mesa. There is no other way down short of rappelling. Otowi Peak's small summit cone poses no challenges. On the southwest face of the cone, you will find an old volcanic blowhole descending into the basalt. Stay out unless you're confident in your caving skills.

Essential Gear

Standard hiking gear will be plenty adequate.


This hike is included in Day hikes in the Santa Fe Area.