Southeastern Graian Alps from Rosa dei Banchi Northeast Ridge


From Northeast Ridge above Eastern Slope

On long Northeatern Crest of Rosa (3164m) crossing from Upper Pendent Alp (2414m), Bocchetta of Marmo Bianco (White Marble), various Cime Beccher, Fontane Point.

In foreground: Cima del Rospo (2735m), above Reale Lake (2412m) and this last below Larissa Hill (2584m).

Progressively mountain range in the distance before: Bec Molère (2638m) and Mount Nero (2737m, in bottom more left or North).

Second chain from left to right or Southeast: Mount Nero, Mount Facciabella, Bocchetta del Lago Morto (2550m), Mount Marzo or Mars (2756m).

Third chain from right to left or Northeast: Mount Mars, Orti Pass (2634m), Mount of Corni (2778m), (to left) Fricòla also Fricolla Pass and Point, Chenessy Crest and Point (2630m).

Last in background: Mount Debat (2622m) Northern Buttress.

August 24th, 2003





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