Southern Face

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Texas, United States, North America
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Spring, Fall, Winter
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Half a day
class 2, short class 3

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Southern Face
Created On: Feb 28, 2006
Last Edited On: Feb 28, 2006

Overview and Route Description

This route is the most difficult non-techincal way up Goat Mountain. From the Ross Maxwell Drive, follow the dry wash up towards the base of the mountain. From this point at the base you will see a large dike running generally NW-SE. Continue up the creek untill you see best fit to leave and start heading for the upper left side of this dike. If you were to go to the right, thick brush would get in your way, as well as technical rock further up the gully. ABout 50 yards shy of the top of the dike, you will notice a small gap thick with sharp plants. Unfortunately, this is the way up. Make your way through the brush to the top of the dike. Once at the top of the ridge, you will see the creek you bypassed on your right, and another wash leading up the western summit on your left. Whichever summit you wish to climb from the route, you must head to your left here, as large cliffs block your progress towars the true summit. Skirt the left side of this second wash you are ascending. You will reach a point, at the base of the pyroclastic conglomerate pinnacles, where there is no route to walk up. Head back down towards the creek, and scale the small 10 foot drop. Once on top, you will continue up the right side of this wash. You are attempting to gain the top of the ridge to your left, so aim your scrambling accordingly. Once at the top of this ridge, the wash makes a left turn and heads up the western summit. You must continue up this wash, but as soon as possible, make your way to the ridge on your right side. This ridge will not only lead you all the way to the summit, it will also bypass much of the loose rock, cactus, and lechugilla. As always when scrambling on the volcanic rock in Big Bend, watch out for loose rock. After scrambling on this ridge for another 15 minutes, you should be on the western summit.

Getting There

Refer to the getting there section on the main page.

Essential Gear

Sturdy shoes, long pants or willingness to get your legs cut up in shorts, a hat as there are no trees the entire way, and plenty of water. I would reccommend 4 liters, more if you are a heavy drinker. There are technical sections that can be attempted from this route, so bring any gear you would need for such an outing.


Southern Face

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