Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 35.95530°N / 52.10760°E
Route Type: Basic snow&Ice
Time Required: A few days
Difficulty: Walk Up


Reneh is the last village before start. There are some bus terminals in Tehran for this direction and all of the buses leave you on Reneh crossroad. From here you can get a cab or get the small buses.
When you get Reneh you can start to walk from here (not recommended) or hire a car. There are some guys in the village from Iran Mountaineering Federation to help you with pleasure.

Get Goosfandsera Shelter at 3000m.(it is a small mosque actually)

Route Description

After Goosfandsera, follow the curved little ridges aiming the second shelter at 4200 m. These exposed ridges starts right back of Goosfandsera and leads to second shelter.

IMPORTANT: It is almost impossible to see the second shelter unless you get there. Depending on your season and weather conditions be prepared about the location of this shelter or a cold bivvy. Years ago a team of 6 had to very cold winter bivvy here, with their local GUIDE.

After second shelter route is exposed. Keep walking!

Sulphur starts to disturb you around 5000 m. But it is not so important!

Essential Gear

This face is generally sunny and windy.
I don't think you will need crampons and ice axe in summer conditions.

In winter, it is better to carry such stuff but you may not need them. We had crampons and axe but didn't use them in February. Some parts were very deep and other parts were clean. Walking poles will help you so much.

For winter conditions pay more attention for clothing. Mountain is clear for cold winds and this decreases the temperature too much.

Miscellaneous Info

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