Stap from Ljubotic

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VELEBIT/Zadar county, Croatia, Europe
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Half a day

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Stap from Ljubotic
Created On: Oct 3, 2003
Last Edited On: Oct 3, 2003


How to get to Kruscica is described on main page. Junction towards Ljubotic is in the center of Kruscica, right on the coast (near Bled restaurant). Road gains altitude in many sharp bends, with expanding views towards the sea. After 4km you reach Ljubotic. First left junction after the junction towards graveyard (also left) will get you to trailhead. You can leave your car in front of Vrata Velebita camp, which is just behind junction.

Route Description

On a big tree in front of the house, 200m after the junction, you will see a big sign ‘Stap’, pointing you towards right. You pass in front of the house and between few rocky fences, which are called here Suhozid (dry wall). Behind short plateau begins quite steep ascent over a rocky slope. Path winds in many turns, between rare hornbeam and oak trees.

After 15mins there is important junction of trails where you turn left towards Stap. Straight up is towards Ranjevac and Bili Sinikos and that is the path you will use for descent if you don’t want to return back the same way.

Our path continue to ascent over rocky terrain with nice views towards the sea, which is on the left. Almost an hour since departing from Ljubotic you reach Zagon hamlet where few people still live.

Some 20mins behind Zagon path reaches a small pass. In front is quite deep basin Zezelj Dolac. Path goes left around it, loosing some altitude. There is much more greenery around now and few nice meadows. After next small pass path goes left around Zubcica Dolac. Than comes a junction where our path is joined with one from Mandalina on the coast. Path now descents little bit and goes around Tonina Jama. Behind it path turns left and ascends more steeply. Soon you enter the basin of Sjausevac meadow, around an hour from Zagon. You’ll easily recognize when you reached Sjausevac because suddenly forest changes from hornbeam to beech. This is good indication that you reached part of the mountain with harsher climate.

In next 5 flat minutes through beautiful beech forest you’ll reach last climb bellow Stap. Last hundred meters you surmount with steep ascent in 15mins. On the left is very nice view towards Sjausevac as you suddenly step on the Stap field. Space expands, around beautiful field are picturesque white cliffs. Right above the very summit of Stapina tower is peaking. In 5-10mins you cross to the opposite side of Stap where is Tatekova Koliba refuge.

Stap from Ljubotic

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