The 1961 drama of the Central Pillar of Freney

The 1961 drama of the Central Pillar of Freney

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General view of the Freney pillars

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The Three Freney PillarsThe three Freney pillars

At La Fourche

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The French team at La Fourche bivvyAntoine Vieille (smoking), Pierrot Kohlman, Robert Guillaume and Pierre Mazeaud (smoking)

2nd photo of the French team at the La Fourche bivvy hut:

Mazeaud and his mates at La FourcheAntoine Vieille , Pierrot Kohlman, Robert Guillaume and Pierre Mazeaud

Gallieni and Bonatti at the La Fourche bivvy:

Gallieni & Bonatti at La FourcheGallieni and Bonatti

The first bivouac

Mazeaud, Vieille, Kolhman 1rst bivouac on the PillarMazeaud, Vieille and Kohlman 1rst bivouac

The Storm

The Storm on La ChandelleAt the foot of the Chandelle

The storm sitting on the bivouac ledgeSitting on the bivouac ledge

Antoine Vieille in despairAntoine Vieille in despair

Expecting deathExpecting death

Getting down

The descent chronologyThe descent and drama chronology

Andrea OggioniAndrea Oggioni

Mazeaud brought to GambaMazeaud and rescuers arriving at Gamba

Mazeaud brought to CourmayeurMazeaud arriving at Courmayeur

The Freney Drama

Three weeks after

Bonatti carrying MazeaudBonatti carrying Mazeaud - freney side of Mont Blanc in the background

The routes of the Freney side of mont Blanc

The routes of the Freny side of Mont Blanc

Some personal photos of Walter

Bonatti at Ruggero s 2010

September 2010 - At Ruggero Montesano chalet - Les Suches (2200m La Thuile ski station) - a meet organised by Fran├žoise Call, then secretary of the Alpine Club to make Ueli Steck meet for the first time Walter.

Sitted: Esther, my wife with Boca a know Italian journalist and long time friend of Walter
Standing: Ueli Steck and Walter
on their right: Boca's wife and Rosana, Walter's wife.

Both men were delighted to meet, Walter was in superb form and Rosana nice to all and beautiful as ever.

Walter and Ueli Walter and Ueli - in the background, the Freney side of Mont Blanc


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