The 3 T's Trail

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The 3 T's Trail
Created On: Oct 20, 2006
Last Edited On: Nov 8, 2011


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The 3 T's trail is the primary trail servicing Thunder, Telegraph and Timber mountains.

Getting There

From Icehouse Canyon Trail:
Icehouse Canyon Trail terminates in the saddle Between Bighorn and Timber mountains. Timber is to the north. The trail heading north is the 3 T's trail.

From Baldy Notch:
Head to the top of Thunder Mountain. The lifts end there. From that lift station, look west and head down the road. You might pass under a yellow rope showing the ski limits. The trail begins right in that vicinity, and should be easy to spot, with a small sign.

If you have a map (who doesn't?), look for the road connecting Lytle Creek with Baldy Notch. That road goes directly to the summit of Thunder Mountain.

Route Description

This route is commonly travelled, and well maintained. There should be no obstacles along the route, and physically it is very easy and relaxing carrying a light-medium pack.

Essential Gear

Good hiking boots, plenty of water, some snacks. Nothing big.

In winter, some folks ski this route (or along it). Ice axe, crampons, snowshoes all welcome.

The 3 T's Trail

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