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Yosemite's Best

This information is intended to help guide you to the best of Yosemite.

The topics are are aimed at folks who are either new to the park or trying to explore an area of the park that they are not familiar with. It is also an attempt to organize some of the information that is disbursed.

Paul Parker pulling an...The best climbing in the world.

Yosemite Best Photo Albums

Add your best photo of Yosemite to the album Your one best Yosemite photo.
Add your best Yosemite Waterfall picture here Waterfalls
The best album of Winter in Yosemite
The best album of Climbing Faces

North Sentinal ,Yosimite Calif.Sentinal Rock

Yosemite's Best Photo

Summit Post's best photo of Yosemite (highest rated)


When most people think of Yosemite they think of Yosemite Valley. With Half Dome and El Capitan on the skylines and bears roaming the campgrounds. With the fame come throngs of adoring fans. At about 4000' the valley can have dramatically different temps than other parts of the park.
Sierra Blackbear with cubBlack Bears are sometimes brown.

Tuomumne Meadows are high, at about 8000' the summer season is much shorter than the valley. Snow comes early and the roads shut down. But the higher elevations are cooler in the summer and not as crowded, and of course this altitude holds it own special charms.

The back country in Yosemite is vast. It also links up directly with many other public lands such as the Hoover National Forest, the Stanislaus National Forest, and the Sierra National Forest areas. It has the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the South which in turn has the John Muir Wilderness to its South. It also links with Emigrant Wilderness with in turn connects with the Carson Iceberg Wilderness That combines to make more contiguous public land than you could explore in your lifetime.

National Park Service Yosemite page

Yosemite's best of the best

Half Dome Hikes, Climbs and Photos
Yosemite Valley The best info about Yosemite Valley
Tuolumne Meadows The best info about about Tuolumne
Yosemite Falls
El Capitan Possible the most famous climbing in the world. Second only to Half Dome as an icon of the valley.
The Redwoods
Four Mile Trail 4.6 Miles (7.6 km) from the Valley to Glacier Point with an elevation gain of 3242' (988 meters).

Yosemite Best Hikes

To the top of Half Dome Two great waterfalls and some of the best scenery in the world. 18 miles (29 km) round trip and 4800' (1500 meters) of elevation gain is hard, but worth the effort.
Yosemite Falls
Best Trail List and Here's a great trip report for the Four Mile Trail
The best scrambles
Tenaya Canyon
Isberg Pass

Yosemite Best Rocks

El Capitan From The Nose to Pine Line, something for everyone.
Half Dome The cables as walk-off
Royal Arches A Yosemite entry in the 50 classics of North America
Sentinel Rock Royal Robbins favorite.

Yosemite Greats

John Muir
Ansel Adams
Royal Robbins
Teddy Roosevelt and John MuirThe start of the Park. Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir.



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