The Billy Goats of Mount Timpanogos

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The Billy Goats of Mount Timpanogos
Created On: Jul 19, 2010
Last Edited On: Jul 19, 2010

The Billy Goats of Mt Timpanogos

If the Mountain Goats of Utah had a home, Mount Timpanogos would certainly be the place. Introduced from out of state, these "Billy Goats" (another name for a mountain goats) thrive on the rugged and vast terrain that this mountain provides. Over the years their populations have exploded, increasing the chances of catching a "Billy Goat Bonus" while climbing Timpanogos. To find these animals it is best to look at the cliffs and where ever you happen to hear falling rocks. Another good place to check is snow patches. Due to their years of exposure to humans these animals will allow you to get quite close as long as you do not spook them off. My advice for getting a Mountain Goat close up is to get somewhat close to them, and then allow them to come closer to you. If you happen to have a picture of a Billy Goat that was taken on Mount Timpanogos, please feel free to attach them to this album.



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