The Brenva Rock fall

Characteristics of the last rock avalanches on the Brenva Glacier (Mont Blanc massif).
A: scars (thick lines) and tracks (thin lines) of the rock avalanches of the 19 November 1920 (white lines) and 18 January 1997 (black lines); B: 1997 scar on the Eperon de la Brenva (G. Mortara, February 1997); C: 25-m-high ridges of the 1997 mixed deposit in the distal area (E. Dal Molin, 18 January 1997).
A huge rock fall estimated at 2 millions m3 on the Brenva spur triggered a snow avalanche and land slide on the 18th January 1997 killing 2 skiers and damaging a hotel.


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