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The Mountain Range Project

The Mountain Range Project is a project working to document the major mountain ranges in the United States of America, having some of them bleed into Canada. The project will work towards documenting specific mountain ranges. Inside the select ranges, the project will work towards discovering, documenting, and naming different mountain peaks and lakes that have and haven't been documented at all, or to this extent before. After all of this is completed, there are endless opportunities of things to discover and document mainly because of the extremely useful tool of Google Earth. *At the moment, I have 46 mountain ranges in the works*

Google Earth is where the discovery happens, the database is where the documenting happens, and the website is the front page of The Mountain Range Project.

To contribute to the project, E-Mail me at for more information.

The official website of The Mountain Range Project has much more information, free Google Earth files, and links to the database of The Mountain Range. To view The Mountain Range Website, visit

I have been working on this for a very extended amount of time, and am starting to make the project public. This could be a huge breakthrough in everything outdoors, but I cannot do it all on my own. As I've said, I have been working on this for a very long time and put most of that time into improving the quality of the project. I am only 15 years old at the time of writing this, but this project has been in the works since I was 11. The latest and best version I only started 3 months ago, but the quality surpasses the dozens of others that I have created in the past. 

It would mean the world to me if you would help me out on this, or at least check it out. You can do so by looking at the Google Earth and Google Drive files linked on the website that I have linked on this page. When done, please give me feedback. Thank you very much ~ Nick Stoker