The Wedge

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Killarney Ontario, Canada, --
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Less than two hours
Hike up with some class III and IV sections

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The Wedge
Created On: Oct 4, 2003
Last Edited On: Aug 6, 2005


The simplest means of getting to Sentinel Dome is taking the canoe route mentioned in the getting there section where you start at the main campgrounds on George Lake into Freeland Lake, take the half a kilometer portage to Killarney Lake and then paddle Killarney Lake over to OSA Lake where I would suggest taking the longer of the 2 portages as it is the most direct path and is actually the path of least resistance as well... despite how the numbers may read.

Route Description

This route is named for the my favourite section which happens to be the crux of the climb and which you encounter about two thirds of the way to the top.
Look for the natural opening on the Northeast corner of the lake right where OSA Lake narrows. On the left is a little rock fall and you can beach the canoe on a series of ledges just to the right. The opening is natural and is readily recognizable even at a distance. Once you make your way into the woods, immediately head up the hill to the first rock field... cross this heading slightly northwest. You should be able to make out the next band of rock through the trees in the same direction… make for that and you will be at the toe of the route proper clearly delineated by an orange route marker.
From there you have your choice of routes. Directly in front of you is a steep but direct path to the summit. To the left is a series of bluffs and ledges that will offer a far more challenging route up and on a slightly northwest tack lies 'the wedge' (which is this route) a very rewarding path to the summit. All tolled the hike up should take between an hour and an hour and a half. The views are breathtaking with or without the sun.
The overall elevation gain is around 310meters or 1015 feet, an impressive gain for ANYWHERE in this province, but paltry compared to other places 'round the globe.

Essential Gear

Rain gear and warm clothes as the weather is notoriously unreliable here in Central Ontario, a chalk bag, sun screen, lots of drinking water, a walking stick or poles and sturdy boots

Miscellaneous Info

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