To the Rangers and SAR of Mt Shasta

To the Rangers and SAR of Mt Shasta

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To the Rangers and SAR of Mt Shasta

Those who participated in the Search and Rescue attempts for Charity Stevens reported as missing on Mt Shasta on the night of July 26th, 2017, and then two days later found by a "mysterious" person should definitely read the linked report which reviles the truth some may not be even aware of.

The official Ranger Report incorrectly states that a "mysterious" person named "Elaine" found Stevens. "(It should be noticed that Elaine stated she was on a SAR team out of Seattle but unbeknownst to Stevens, Elaine was NOT part of, or aware of this search.)"

The fact is that not any mysterious person from Seattle but a well known to the Shasta Rangers and Mt Shasta mountaineering community, Marek Damm (also known as Marco) from the San Francisco Bay Area, who has been climbing slopes of this beautiful mountain for over 20 years (and calling Mt Shasta his second home) found Charity Stevens laying on rocks alone, cold, thirsty, hungry, weak and shivering just before the third nightfall since he reported her as missing (on behave of her friend).

Some of the rescuers might not be even aware of the truth due to being kept in dark. However, those who were aware and celebrating Charity Stevens arrival on the helicopter to the base and eating hot pizza forgot or (for their convenience) did not even want to acknowledge that the person who found, helped and assisted Charity Stevens, who notified the authorities about that fact by calling 911 so everyone could stopped worrying and could start celebrating, was left on the mountain without his clothes (which he gave to the shivering woman to keep her warm) just before the nightfall and completely disregarded.

As one commented on my initial report almost a year ago, "...give the other people in the story lots of slack... Focus on the many positives, like you saved her life because you were determined to be a true hero, and let go of any negative aspects of the incident." Sure and let others falsify the facts and take undeserved and "disingenuous" credits. So convenient...

But I still tried to forget and "let go of any negative aspects of the incident." Unfortunately, no one gave me a slack; on the contrary, some even accused ME of lying. And that's NOT acceptable!

June 4th, 2018 - Marek R Damm, Mountaineer

A few comments about the dishonestly fabricated Ranger Report reinforced by the video:
Searching for and Revealing the Truth, Mt Shasta

Or just jump to the video:
Revealing the Truth What Happened on Mt Shasta

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