Traverse from Rusty Point

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Alaska, United States, North America
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Snow climb/Hike
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Traverse from Rusty Point
Created On: Apr 8, 2005
Last Edited On: Apr 8, 2005


I was looking for something a bit more technical than the Wolverine Peak Trail, and did this in winter, so your milage may vary. Be aware that this route includes sections of avalanche-prone slopes in unstable winter conditions, and would probably include a lot of scree in the summer.

Follow the trail from the Prospect Heights trail over the bridge, as described on the Main Page. At the second junction, turn right onto the Middle Fork Loop Trail. Follow the Middle Fork Loop trail about 2 miles from the Junction, around the base of Rusty Point, which is the terminus of the SouthWestern ridge descending from Wolverine's summit. Eventually, the Middle Fork Loop trail twists to the right (West) and begins dropping towards the Middle Fork of Campbell Creek. If in doubt, keep going - the South side of Rusty Point is more interesting than the West side, and you can traverse back higher up (thus avoiding some alder bushwacking) anyway.

Route Description

From the curve of the Middle Fork Loop Trail (where it begins to descend to the Middle Fork of Campbell Creek), find your way through the alder thickets to the snowy ramp on the Southwest face of Rusty Point. Traverse around to the left for easier climbing, or around to the right for gullies with rock or snow climbing. I went to the right. If you do likewise, keep heading up and right, and keep an eye out for rockfall. After you get to Rusty Point, follow the obvious ridge up and East to the summit of Wolverine Peak.

To descend back to your car, you can either reverse your route (I didn't), or complete the traverse by descending Northwest along the other ridge. Although completing the horseshoe by traversing over Near Point would be an interesting option, I descended the Wolverine Peak Trail, which drops off the ridge to the west after about a half mile and follows the central, less defined (at least up high) ridge. The trail drops off the right side of the ridge at a cairn. The trail becomes less distinct as it descends into drainage (If you lose it, keep following the drainage down and you'll hit a trail again). The trail eventually gets back to the Middle Fork Loop Trail, which you can follow back out.

There are lots of trails near the Prospect heights trailhead, so it can get confusing. Don't worry, though - if you get disoriented, keep following the Middle Fork Loop Trail, which should be familiar from the start of the traverse.

Essential Gear

Gear depends greatly on conditions - I used an Ice Axe and Crampons for the cold, low-snow conditions. Snowshoes could be useful, too. Summer conditions would only require hiking boots.

Miscellaneous Info

If you have information about this route that doesn't pertain to any of the other sections, please add it here.

Traverse from Rusty Point

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